Gemini MoonI miss the old days.

We shared a special togetherness then, the two of us, twenty-four/seven. I miss that.

I also miss having my breakfast served promptly every morning at 7:30. I thought about adding, rain or shine, but this is Southern California. Everybody knows it never rains in Southern California.

She called me sweetie; you know, with that special tone of voice, baby talk. It melted my heart every time. She would caress me, soothe me, sometimes make me laugh–ooh, so ticklish. Heavenly I tell you.

Sadly, that’s all gone.

Look at her now. It’s 9:30, and she’s still in bed, eyes wide, staring at the ceiling. What’s up there that’s so fascinating? When I first noticed this unusual behavior, I grew concerned. Was she sick? Several times, I cuddled up beside her on the bed. I have to tell you I saw nothing on the ceiling worth staring at. Nothing. It was as white and plain as ever. I tried letting her know how much I missed her touch, how late it was, how hungry I was. But nope, she kept staring up at the ceiling, smiling.

It all started with that Larry person.

Even when Kyle was in trouble, she spent time with me. She was unhappy then and cried a lot, but that was better than this.

Larry arrived, and it all changed. What makes him so special? Before him, when she left the condo, those times were brief and infrequent, like when she volunteered at Mission San Juan Capistrano. Now she takes off with this Larry, and sometimes she’s gone overnight. And I’m alone. All night! Poor, poor me. When she comes back the next morning she’s all giggles and sunshine. Don’t know what that man feeds her to make her so happy. Then again, that’s better than having him here. She shuns me altogether then while they cuddle and pet on the couch, the very couch where she used to cuddle with me.

Typical Italian, she thinks all she has to do is rustle up something special and delicious, and all her neglect and absences will be forgotten and forgiven.


If you think gourmet cuisine will get you off the hook, dear Lella, you’re sadly mistaken. It takes more than a can of primo solid white albacore tuna to win back the affections of any self-respecting feline.

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Maria Grazia Swan was born in Italy, but this rolling stone has definitely gathered no moss. Maria_SwanShe lived in Belgium, France, Germany, and beautiful Orange County, California, before settling in her current home of Phoenix, Arizona. Maria loves travel, opera, good books, hiking, and intelligent movies (if she can find one, that is). Her idea of a perfect evening includes stimulating conversation, rich Italian food, and a perfectly chilled Prosecco. Maria has written several novels, short stories, and articles for high profile magazines and blogs taking on life and love … Italian style!

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