Murder in the Worst DegreeI’m Officer Stacey Milligan and work for the Rocky Bluff Police Department. I’m married to Detective Doug Milligan and together we’re raising my son, Davey. His father died when he was a baby. As always, I have to get my Davey, off to my parents’ before I go to work. They make sure he gets to and from school.

Every day is different, but today I was sent to interview a rape victim. I called Officer Lizette Gibbs, to meet me there. Our new chief, Chandra Taylor, decided to ride along with me to the hospital. On the way she questioned me about various things, including how Doug and I managed to get together.

Once we reached the hospital, Chief Taylor asked Lizette to take her to view the crime scene, the victim’s home. No doubt she questioned Lizette like she did me. I stayed and interviewed the victim, reassured her, stayed with her while the nurse explained the rape kit and did the medical exam. I took a few samples of my own. Hopefully, this will help us identify the rapist.

Back at the station, I wrote and filed my reports, and sent the evidence I’d gathered to the lab in Ventura. Our department is small and underfunded and we don’t have a lab of our own. I spent some time in the field, and when the day was over I picked up my son and we went home. My husband, Doug, arrived soon after. At dinner, Davey told us about his day, and later Doug described the case he is working, the body that washed up on the beach. He is positive it was an elderly man who was missing for several days, and he’s already interviewed family members.

I told him about my day and my suspicion that Chief Taylor frowns upon personal relationships between female and male officers. Of course we are all still wondering about the chief and what changes she’ll be making in the RBPD.

Evenings are my favorite. No matter how busy the day has been, Doug and I can spend time with Davey and each other.

(Thank you, Dru Ann, for this opportunity for Stacey Milligan to tell about one of her days. F. M. Meredith)

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Blurb for the latest RBPD mystery, Murder in the Worst Degree: The body that washes up on the beach leads Detectives Milligan and Zachary on a murder investigation that includes the victim’s family members, his housekeeper, three long-time friends, and a mystery woman.

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