Past DuePast Due by Jenna Bennett is the 8th book in the “Savannah Martin” mystery series. Publisher: Magpie Ink, April 2014

The sins of the past are coming due, and someone has to pay the price…

Savannah Martin’s high school reunion is supposed to be a fun weekend of catching up with old friends and parading her boyfriend—Sweetwater bad boy Rafael Collier—in front of everyone who used to sneer at him back in the day. Not even the daily battle she’s waging with morning sickness can douse Savannah’s anticipation.

But when Rafe won’t come to Sweetwater, Savannah has to face her old schoolmates without his support. And her best friend Charlotte isn’t as happy for Savannah’s new relationship as Savannah had hoped. And when a dead body turns up in the Colliers’ old mobile home in the Bog, Savannah is thankful to be on her own. The sheriff is always looking for a reason to shove Rafe back behind bars, and a fresh homicide is just the excuse he needs.

But when another murder takes place at the reunion, even the threat of jail can’t keep Rafe away. Soon old classmates are dropping like bowling pins, and Rafe and Savannah are scrambling to catch up with a killer hell bent on making sure old enemies pay for old sins… all while trying to stay one step ahead of Sheriff Satterfield and the Columbia PD.

A high school reunion turns deadly and it’s up to Savannah and Rafe to bring a murderer to justice. As always I love this series and the author did a great job in delivering a fantastic action-filled drama from beginning to end where all emotions are experienced. Savannah is at her best as she uncovers an event that happened that bares down on the murderer’s intent. I love watching Savannah as she becomes more assured of herself and her capabilities in her investigative skills. The usual cast are featured from her mother to Dix to Yvonne and of course Rafe. This is one of the best book in the series and I’m looking forward to the next exciting chapter in the lives of Savannah, Rafe and the people that surrounds them.

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