The Goodbye WitchI’m doing my best to forget that my birthday is coming up. Unfortunately, everyone here in the Enchanted Village seems intent on reminding me. My aunt Ve even wants to throw a party.

A party.

For the love, as my sister Harper would say.

I, at least, talked Aunt Ve into scaling back the party to an intimate dinner with just a few friends and family invited. A couple of hours, over and done with. I can handle that. I hope.

I probably shouldn’t be so sensitive about my birthday, but the day truly hasn’t been the same since my mom died when I was seven. I can’t tell you how many years I hoped, wished, that my dad would remember the date. Remember me.

At first I hoped for a little party. Then I told myself I’d settle for a cake. A cupcake even. Then I dreamed for even a simple heartfelt “Happy birthday.” A hug. Oh, what I would have done for a big bear hug.

Sure, there were sporadic years he’d remember and buy a generic card, stuff it with cash, and leave it on my bed after I left for school…but his heart was never in it, which in turn made mine break.

So, yeah, I don’t like birthdays. Celebrating them challenges every self-protection technique I’ve developed over the years. I’d much rather pretend it’s just another day on the calendar and hope the day passes quickly. Painlessly. Plus, this year, I’m in the middle of investigating a murder. Hardly celebratory conditions.

But for Aunt Ve, I’ll sit through the dinner party.

I’ll eat cake.

Blow out candles.

Open some presents.

And, for that hopeful seven-year-old girl I used to be…I’ll even try to enjoy it.

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