The Goodbye WitchThe Goodbye Witch by Heather Blake is the fourth book in the “Wishcraft” mystery series. Publisher: Obsidian, May 2014

As Enchanted Village’s resident Wishcrafter, Darcy Merriweather has the power to make other people’s wishes come true, but what she really wishes is that she had the power to uncloak the invisible man who’s stalking her best friend.

Darcy’s closest friend and fellow witch, Starla Sullivan, hoped she’d never see her ex-husband, Kyle, again. Two years ago he tried to kill her, and he has been a fugitive ever since. Now Starla claims to have seen him back in Enchanted Village, but it seems she’s the only one who can see him. To everyone else, her ex is invisible.

Darcy only wishes his motives were as transparent as the rest of him. Since the police can’t arrest someone they can’t see, it’s up to Darcy to find the secret behind Kyle’s latest disappearing act—before he does something they can’t see coming.

I love, love, love this story. This was a good solid read that entertained me from the beginning to an ending filled with so much emotion that I didn’t want the story to end. We learned something during the reading of this book, but I’m not sure if I got it right. The mystery was good as it kept me in suspense for much of the book and all the beloved characters played a role in helping our heroine solve this case and move forward in her journey. Heather truly captured the essence of the characters that made me believe it’s all real. This is by far, the best darn book in this magically delightful series and I can’t wait to see where we are headed next. Bravo Heather!

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