Booty BonesBooty Bones by Carolyn Haines is the 14th book in the “Sarah Booth Delaney” mystery series. Publisher: Minotaur Books, May 2014

Sarah Booth Delaney’s fiancé, Graf Milieu, has become depressed while recovering from a severe leg injury, but Sarah Booth knows just how to help him heal. She’s arranged a romantic getaway for the two of them at a lovely beach cottage on Dauphin Island off the Gulf Coast. On the first day of their island adventure, they take a historical tour led by Angela Trotter, a young woman well-versed in local lore, including rumors of pirate treasure hidden somewhere on the island. In fact, Angela confides to Sarah Booth and Graf that her father, a sailor and treasure hunter, was murdered just when he thought he was closing in on the treasure.

Angela’s convinced that the wrong man was imprisoned for her father’s murder, and against Sarah Booth’s better judgment, she manages to persuade her to take on the case. But Sarah Booth soon realizes that there’s much more going on than meets the eye. With untold amounts of treasure offering plenty of motive for murder and a fiancé falling deeper into depression, Sarah Booth’s peaceful island vacation is quickly spinning out of control.

In Booty Bones, Carolyn Haines will once again delight readers with her trademark blend of clever plotting, witty prose, and Southern charm.

Oh my, I simply adore this series, which gets better and better with each new release. This books oozes with southern charm that is delightfully entertaining and engaging. Sarah Booth is at her best when both her personal and professional lives are intertwined when she tries to do the right thing and we are taken on a ride filled with so much emotion, I wanted to go inside this book and grab hold and never let her go. Some surprising twists in this character-driven mystery made this book hard to put down and quickly became a page-turner, as I had to know what happens next. Revelations here and there put a spin on this tantalizing whodunit with a conclusion that have me yearning for more tales with Sarah Booth and her friends.

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