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This past week I sick and on top of that, I had my wisdom tooth pulled. So what did I do for the four days where I never left my apartment? I watched as many horror/science fiction/disaster movies that I was able to find on Netflix and Amazon that I haven’t already seen. The pickings were slim, but I was able to satisfy my thirst for these movies.

What do you crave when you are sick?

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June 26: Sophie Winston by Krista Davis – Domestic Diva #8
June 27: Sofia Balducci by Jim & Joyce Lavene – Peggy Lee Garden #7
June 28: Brenna Spector by Alison Gaylin – Brenna Spector #3

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One response to “WEEKLY ROUND-UP: No. 25

  1. Sorry you had such a miserable week. Hopefully this week will be much nicer. thanks for the book (thread end). take care