Tailing A TabbyTailing a Tabby by Laurie Cass is the second book in the “Bookmobile Cat” mystery series. Publisher: Obsidian, July 2014

In the bookmobile, librarian Minnie Hamilton and her rescue cat, Eddie, roll out great summer reads to folks all over the lake town of Chilson, Michigan. And when real-life drama turns deadly, Minnie makes sure justice is never overdue.

The bookmobile is making its usual rounds when Minnie and Eddie are flagged down by a woman in distress. The woman’s husband, a famous artist, needs emergency medical care. After getting him into the bookmobile, Minnie races the man to the hospital in time…but his bad luck has only just begun.

After disappearing from the hospital, the artist is discovered slumped over the body of a murdered woman. Minnie knows that her new friend didn’t commit the crime, but the evidence paints an unflattering picture. Now this librarian and her furry friend have to put the investigation in high gear and catch the real killer before someone else checks out.

The gang is all back in the second book in the “Bookmobile Cat” mystery series. This light whodunit entertained me from the first sentence to the end and left me wanting more. Minnie is a delightful character as is Eddie and I like how they both do what they do best and that is get at the truth. Another good read and I can’t wait for the next book in this charming series.

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