Mind Over MurderMind Over Murder by Evelyn David. Publisher: Trace Evidence Press, June 2014

The last time the police knocked on psychic Valentine Zalmanzig Cohen’s door they ignored her advice and the wrong man ended up in prison for murder. Five years later the knock comes again. Another couple killed in the same house. A copycat killer? Or has the original killer struck again? The police are willing to consider that perhaps they’d been wrong, but is Val willing to risk her marriage, career, and maybe even her life to try again?

I like it. When both she and her husband becomes the main person of interest in several vicious murders, Val does what she needs to do in order to clear their name, this despite being threatened and discovering some painful news. The mystery was well played out and kept me glued to the pages as I had to know what happens next. The author did a good job in hiding the killer in plain sight, which gave me a surprise. I like Val and Jake and a nod to the author because I figured out who Ruth was. Will we see more of Val and Jake? I hope we do, as this was a very good read.

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