Here we Go againShenanigans in the Shadows by Kari Lee Townsend is part of the “Here We Go Again Short Story Anthology”. Publisher: The Story Vault, February 2014

Psychic Sunshine Meadows is used to predicting trouble, but never sees mischief and mayhem coming her way. After Detective Mitch Stone moves in, her cat Morty refuses to accept him. Both resort to all sorts of shenanigans as they compete for her attention. When Morty sees his shadow, Sunny knows she can’t endure six more weeks of doom and threatens to put them each in the doghouse if they don’t quit misbehaving. When her best friend’s priceless heirloom wedding rings go missing and a break-in is discovered, they must put their differences aside and work together to figure out whodunit.

This was a great read and a long overdue visit with Sunny and her friends. In this light fare, a missing ring has Sunny and Mitch looking for a thief and it was very enjoyable watching them fit all the pieces together to solve this puzzling crime and boy was it fun when the thief was revealed. Now that I know there is a new book coming in this series, this was a nice interlude and I can’t wait for the next book in this delightfully charming series.

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