Here we Go againProject Dogway by Sparkle Abbey is part of the “Here We Go Again Short Story Anthology”. Publisher: The Story Vault, February 2014

It’s high fashion hijinks in Laguna Beach with designer togs, spa pampering, and jewels galore…and that’s just the dogs.

With canines on the catwalk at this fundraising haute dog fashion show, pet therapist, Caro, and cousin Mel, owner of the local Bow Wow Boutique, are mingling with the crowd, but still not speaking to each other.

But when one of Caro’s clients, Phil Tawny, the protective owner of Shadow, an award-winning beagle, drops dead at the event, the feuding cousins find themselves embroiled in much more than a fashion “faux paw.” There’s a rabid Shadow fan, a fame-hungry ex-wife, and a detective who doesn’t want them sniffing around his investigation.

But Caro and Mel refuse to sit/stay, and soon find themselves on the tail of a killer.

I enjoyed this short story where Caro and Mel are on the case in search of a missing dog and finding a murderer among the people at the fashion show. I love the comfortable tone and the pace of this light fare with its easy flowing chapters. A good read that fits perfectly in between the full-length novels.

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