The Perfect StrangerThank you, Dru, for this opportunity to venture back into my character Landry Wells’ shoes. I’ve missed her ever since I finished writing my suspense novel The Perfect Stranger last fall, and with the book released earlier this week, this is perfect timing! I’m about to embark on a book tour through Texas and Oklahoma back to the Northeast and into New England from now until September.

Readers can visit me online at to get a complete tour schedule and find out more about this book and its e-novella prequel, Cold Hearted, which is available exclusively on Amazon.

And now, meet Landry Wells from The Perfect Stranger:

When I was a little girl growing up in Point Clear, Alabama, I’d ride my bike past the graceful bay front homes along the boardwalk to the Grand Hotel. I promised myself that I’d live in one of those houses when I grew up, and that I’d get married beneath the vast magnolia trees at the Grand. Those things did happen, and my husband and I lived a charmed life in our dream house with our beautiful children for nearly 20 years–before fate intervened to rob me of my happily ever after.

I’d been raised to be a proper southern lady—polite, discreet, and delicate. My life revolved around a close-knit circle of friends and family I’d known forever. But when I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I was plunged into a nightmarish battle for my life, and I suddenly found myself isolated. No one in my small town world could relate to what I was going through. It wasn’t until I turned online that I found support, strength, and solace online in a group of breast cancer bloggers who were scattered all over the country. I couldn’t have survived—and thrived–without them. Long before I beat the disease, I—who had always been shy and reserved—began writing my own blog. Somehow, I was more comfortable sharing details with strangers on the Internet than I was confiding in my own family.

When my blogger friend Meredith was murdered in a random break-in, I had the opportunity to meet our fellow bloggers in person. But after we arrived in Cincinnati for her funeral, I began to suspect that her murder might not have been random at all. Had Meredith made herself vulnerable by revealing too much on the internet? Had I made the same mistake? Was a cold-hearted killer lurking behind a familiar screen name, poised to strike again now that we’d all come together at last? Or was it just my imagination?

The moment I discovered that one of my online friends wasn’t who—and what–she claimed to be, I realized that the threat was all too real. I’m no stranger to fighting for my life, but this time, the enemy isn’t a disease accompanied by a trusted medical team using tried-and-true weapons to fight it. This time, I can trust no one, not even those in my inner circle. This time, I’m on my own—and I have no idea where the enemy is hiding or when I’ll find myself in the crosshairs…

You can read more about Landry in The Perfect Stranger the second book in a trio of social networking thrillers that will conclude with The Black Widow (February 2015), published by HarperCollins.

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