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A Day in the Life of Lizzie Turner by Erika Chase

Book Fair and FoulLizzie Turner here and I hear y’all want to know what a day in my life is like. Well, we could start with a typical work day where I go into my job as a reading specialist at the Ashton Corners Elementary School. That’s in Alabama you know, town of the same name. I love my job, partly because it’s so varied. No two days are the same. I could be consulting with a teacher about her class, testing a student who seems to have issues with reading, meeting with students and parents about said issue, or attending a meeting at the school board office. Like I said, this job has a lot of aspects and one day is never like another, mainly because of the people involved.

I could go on talking about my job all day but eyes have been known to glaze over at parties, unless I’m talking to a teacher or such.

In the evening, if it’s a Tuesday I teach a Literacy class and if it’s the third Thursday of the month, I’m attending the monthly meeting of my book club, the Ashton Corners Mystery Readers and Cheese Straws Society. I love this group of seven different personalities and also, different reading preferences. You can bet this leads to some lively discussions. But the one thing we all agree on is the need to track down the killer in the unlikely (or not so) event that a murder happens in our small community. After all, we read enough about them to know how the sleuths track down the clues and deal with red herrings.

Of course, there’s usually a pressing reason for us to get involved in an actual murder investigation, much to the chagrin of my boyfriend Mark Dreyfus, who also happens to be the Chief of Police. In the past, my dear friend and host for our meetings, Molly Mathews was a suspect; another member, Sally-Jo Baker almost took the fall for the second murder we tackled, and dear Bob Miller, the retired Chief of Police I might add, was accused of not one but two killings. What’s a loyal book club to do!

We are a community after all, and friends stand up for each other.

But I digress. Murders don’t happen every third Thursday and they certainly aren’t solved in one day.

A typical day also involves, if I’m lucky, some quiet time with Mark who is often brings along his hound dog, Patchett. And that, of course, leads to some major distress for my two Siamese cats, Brie and Edam. They’re my fur babies and bring much joy into my life.

Of course, no day is complete without some reading time, although you should see my TBR pile. You’d think I never read a book at all – it just seems to be getting taller. That’s my obsession, you see. I walk into the local bookstore and stagger out laden with books. Such fun…I’m sure you agree!

You can read more about Lizzie in Book Fair or Foul, the fourth book in the “Ashton Corners Book Club” mystery series, published by Berkley Prime Crime. The first book in the series is A Killer Read.

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About the author
Erika Chase writes the Ashton Corners Book Club mysteries. In a parallel life she’s known as Linda Wiken, a former mystery bookstore owner and a short story writer. She is a member of those dangerous dames, The Ladies’ Killing Circle. She has been short-listed for an Agatha Award for Best First Novel, and an Arthur Ellis Award, Best Short Story, from Crime Writers of Canada. She admits to a passion for choral singing, chocolate and Siamese cats!

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Taken In by Elizabeth Lynn Casey

Taken InTaken In by Elizabeth Lynn Casey is the 9th book in the “Southern Sewing Circle” mystery series. Publisher: Berkley Prime Crime, August 2014

When a trip to the Big Apple ends in murder, the sewing circle searches for a killer who’s rotten to the core. . .

Winning an appearance on a top-rated, New York based morning show means the trip of a lifetime for librarian Tori Sinclair and the Sweet Briar Ladies Society Sewing Circle. Anxious to experience Manhattan with her friends, Tori is less than excited when fellow member Dixie Dunn opts to use the vacation as an opportunity to rendezvous with a man she met online.

Still, Tori never imagined her friend would be taken in by a con man specializing in scamming vulnerable older women—or that Dixie would be arrested for his murder.

Now, as the sewing circle goes up against Gotham’s elite to prove Dixie’s innocence, they will have to unravel tangled secrets and alibis, patch together a mess of clues, and put a clever killer in the city’s hottest spotlight . . .

The fun begins and ends when the Southern Sewing Circle members venture to the Big Apple and find themselves involved in yet another murder and this time with the help of an exuberant acquaintance, the ladies led by Tori do what they do best and that is expose a murderer.

I love it. This series continues to get better with each book written and it shows in this enjoyable tour de force that was brilliantly executed. I love the style and pacing in this character-driven mystery that was both a fun and an enjoyable read. The author did a great job in showing us how this diverse group of friends pull together in a state of crisis far from their home with the introduction of a character that I hope will visit Sweet Briar in the future as they tackle the clues that are presented to them. This is the best one yet and the backdrop of the Big Apple befits this tale and I’m looking forward to the next book in this delightfully charming series.