Ice Cream MurderSome people say I’m a magnet for dead bodies, but the truth is that most days I don’t even come anywhere near one. Usually, I spend my days blissfully baking up a storm in my bakery The Cup and Cake, and my nights at home with my Shih-Tzu Poodle mix, Sprinkles, and my hunky homicide detective husband, Jack.

Oh, that’s not to say I haven’t stumbled across more than my share of bodies. I have.

It’s true that, on more than one occasion, I have had the dubious distinction of being the first one to run across one of the recently departed. Usually, they don’t have the bad manners to die slumped over one of my desserts.

… Until now.

“I bet he has a young girlfriend that did him in,” my grandmother, Nans, whispered.

My eyes darted from Nans to the front of the function hall where Regis Banks now lay dead on the floor, smudges of vanilla ice cream from the bowl he’d just taken a header into still smeared on his face.

“That’s crazy. He’s too old for a girlfriend. He probably just died of old age,” I said. Although he picked a darn fine time to do it.

Regis was turning one-hundred, the very reason for the party in his honor. Surely, this was just a badly-timed coincidence.

“My money’s on one of the kids.” Nans’ friend Ida nodded toward the head table where Regis’ adult children were looking less than traumatized.

Ruth, another of Nan’s octogenarian friends, twisted in her chair, grabbed the oversized, tan patent-leather old lady purse from where it was hanging on the back and pulled it into her lap. She bent down, her blue-gray head almost disappearing into the purse, then emerged triumphantly with an iPad. She set the iPad on the table in front of her and started tapping on the keyboard.

“Let’s start researching who would want Regis dead.”

“Don’t you think that’s a little premature?” I asked, my eyes glued to the EMT’s at the front of the room. They’d stopped trying to revive Regis, so apparently, he was dead. But murdered? I didn’t think so.

Of course, Nans and her three friends did, but that wasn’t unusual for them. I’ve never seen people with such suspicious minds. I figured they must be bored with retirement because their eyes lit up every time someone mentioned the words ‘foul play’.

Most old ladies take up knitting in their golden years … Nans and the gang took up investigating murders. Which would be fine, except I always seemed to get dragged into the middle of the investigations. Okay, well most of the time that was because I was the one that found the body, but not this time. No, siree. I was too busy. Plus, Regis hadn’t even been murdered.

“I think you’re jumping to the worst conclusion. I’m sure his heart just gave out,” I said.

Nans, Ruth, Ida and the fourth senior sleuth, Helen, clustered around the iPad, ignoring me.

“You guys can do what you want, but I don’t have time for investigating anything so I’m not on board with anything you have planned.” I crossed my arms over my chest and stared at them.

Nans looked over the rims of her dime-store glasses at me, then glanced up to the front of the room. “Well, you better get on board, because it looks to me like this just might be a homicide and your ice cream is the number one suspect.”

“That’s ridiculous.” I’d made and served that ice cream myself, and I knew there was nothing in it that was deadly … except perhaps to my business reputation once it got out that Regis had died in it.

“I wouldn’t be too sure. Look who just came in.” Helen jerked her head toward the front of the room.

A queasy feeling settled on my stomach as I whipped my head toward the front and spotted my husband, Jack Perillo, sticking the half-eaten bowl of Regis’ ice cream into a plastic evidence bag. But Jack worked in homicide–why would he be here?

There was only one reason.

Regis Banks had been murdered and, from the looks of things, I was going to be finding myself in the middle of helping Nans with another murder investigation whether I wanted to or not.

You can read more about Lexy and Nans in Ice Cream Murder, the 9th book in the “Lexy Baker Bakery” mystery series, published by Leighann Dobbs. The first book in the series is Killer Cupcakes.

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Leighann Dobbs has had a passion for reading since she was old enough to hold a book, but she didn’t put pen to paper until much later in life. After a twenty year career as a software engineer with a few side trips into selling antiques and making jewelry, she realized you can’t make a living reading books, so she tried her hand at writing them and discovered she had a passion for that too! She lives in New Hampshire with her husband Bruce, their trusty Chihuahua mix Mojo and beautiful rescue cat, Kitty.

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