Three Dragons DoomedThree Dragons Doomed by Keith Donnelly is the fifth book in the “Donald Youngblood” mystery series. Publisher: John F. Blair, July 2014

Outside the small town of Saddle Boot, West Virginia, a bulldozer uncovers a long-buried body. Only four living people know it’s that of drifter Johnny Cross. But Johnny Cross was not who he appeared to be.

In the early-morning hours a few days later, in Mountain Center, Tennessee, a body is dumped in a downtown back alley, a young female dead less than twenty-four hours. Over the next few weeks, two more dead females turn up in East Tennessee. A serial killer with an unusual signature is on the loose.

The only thing that connects these events is private investigator Donald Youngblood. Don knows the identities of the body in West Virginia and the dead women dumped in East Tennessee. He also knows the bodies are personal messages for him from a killer seeking revenge. A new and deadly game has begun.

In this unique double sequel to Three Days Dead and Three Devils Dancing, Youngblood wrestles with two separate and distinct cases: finding the true identity of Johnny Cross and tracking down a serial killer who seems to be in a big hurry for a final showdown.

I really, truly love this series and I hope it never ends. Don is once again thrust into multiple investigations that become exceptionally personal and he tackles them with great aplomb. Of course, Don’s inner circle is back with Mary, Big Bob, Billy, T. Elbert, David and Lacy supporting him in his endeavors.

This fast-paced and action-filled drama quickly became a page-turner with its solid plot and a mystery that captured my attention from beginning to a finale worthy of Donald Youngblood. I love the pacing and how easily the chapters flow, pulling me deeply into each scene with anticipation of what will happen next. The author does a great job in delivering a dynamic tome that engages and entertains me with a perfect set-up and witty banter among the cast of characters. Don is so lovable and I adore his interactions with his family, friends and even his adversaries. This is the best book thus far in their terrific series and I can’t wait to see what exploits await Don and the gang.

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