The FeathersThe Feathers by Cynthia Lott is the first book the “Southern Spectral” crime thriller suffused with the supernatural. Publisher: Piscataqua Press, August 2014

Thomas Carpenter – dead for 100 years – returns in 1978 to avenge his murder. He proves a challenge for a New Orleans novice detective Brenda Shapira and her senior partner, Roy Agnew. When 35-year old Shapira discovers the first victim in the historic Garden District, the beginning of 1978 will be anything but ordinary. As she unravels this long ago mystery steeped in New Orleans history and the Yellow Fever epidemic, Brenda realizes that she may be Carpenter’s next victim.

The drama, the mystery, the murder, the significance, the need to know kept me glued to the pages as every action unfolded, whether in centuries past or present day 1978 in a grippingly display of a provocative thriller. The author did a great job in keeping the suspense high with every page turned. With a good plot, amid a backdrop of New Orleans, this was a good read.

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