Murder Al DenteDo you remember that commercial, “Time to make the doughnuts?” Well, substitute pasta for doughnuts and that’s the refrain I hear, day in day out. My name is Andy Buckland and I’m a former celebrity chef. I had the shortest career of any celebrity chef in the history of Flavor TV. That’s right, less than one full episode. That’s what happens when the live studio audience gets food poisoning on your watch. Not my fault, but nobody wanted to hear it.

After that unfortunate debacle I kind of fell apart. The only food industry path left open to me was working at the Bowtie Angel. You wouldn’t think you could find traditional old world Italian pasta in N.C, especially not a Podunk town like Beaverton. We don’t even have a Starbucks, for the love of Pete! But that’s what makes my family’s pasta shop so special. And under the evil eye of my very Sicilian great aunt, I make the pasta. Even if I just made the pasta. Even if no one is eating our pasta, I still have to make the pasta.

Aunt Cecily doesn’t concern herself with things like inventory. In fact, ever since my grandmother passed on, the business has been steadily losing money. Bad enough that my career is DOA, but I can’t stand to watch three generations of my family’s hard work go up in smoke.

So. My plan is to swallow my pride and do whatever needs to be done to save the Bowtie Angel. Of course my (undeserved) reputation as “the Death Chef” has spread like wildfire. Everyone I know either witnessed my grand humiliation firsthand or has heard-tell about it. Everyone that is, except Malcolm Jones.

The absolute last thing I need at this juncture in my life is a romantic entanglement. Jones and his super sexy New Zealand accent are NOT on my to-do list, no matter how often he wanders into the Bowtie Angel and smolders at me. No sir, I’m a woman on a mission, 100% focused.

But Holy Macaroni, does that man smell good enough to eat!

You can read more about Andy in Murder Al Dente, the first book in the new “Southern Pasta Shop” mystery series, published by Gemma Halliday Publishing.

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About the author
Jennifer L. Hart knows that surviving as military spouse takes persistence, comfort food and a stellar sense of humor. Her books often focus on people who’ve lived the military lifestyle and zany antics of neurotic heroines, who like to eat, drink and have fun. Her works include the Misadventures of the Laundry Hag mystery series, the Damaged Goods mystery series and Murder Al Dente, coming soon from Gemma Halliday Presents.

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