Of Merlot and MurderHowdy, y’all…

Elise Beckett here, giving you a shout out from my home town of Delphine—my little slice of heaven in Bastrop County, Texas. Here in the Hill Country, my family owns and operates River Bend Vineyard and Winery down along the Colorado River.

We’ve had ourselves a busy and emotionally charged summer in Central Texas. Along with the heat of July, my entire family had to endure a murder investigation when my uncle Edmond was found dead on vineyard property. Adding to the discomfort, everyone in the family ended up in the suspect pool. Very awkward. Fortunately, we’ve gotten past the nasty business of summer and are gearing up for a productive fall.

Though the weather may be cooling down, my love life seems to be heating up. Deputy Jackson Landry and I are flirting with a relationship, but taking it slow and easy. Jax practically grew up at River Bend and is my brother’s best friend. Nothin’ but annoying when we were younger, he’s turned out to be a great guy and eye candy in a uniform. We’ll see how it goes. We’ve known each other all of our lives, so neither of us wants to mess it up.

In other news, the Lost Pines Food & Wine Festival is right around the corner, and my maternal grandmother, Abigail DeVries (Miss Abby to everyone in the county), is in charge of the vineyard’s booth this year. Of course, I’ll be assisting her, along with my mom, Laura; my sister, Madison; my brother, Ross; and my BFF, C.C. Duncan. It promises to be great fun, but there’s a fine bouquet of trouble in the cooler fall air. Miss Abby’s high school sweetheart, Garrett Larson, will be there representing his south Texas vineyard…along with his gold-digging second wife.

Diva Larson is a high-maintenance piece of work, and that said, nobody is really surprised when she turns up dead in her motel room. Unfortunately, Miss Abby is the one to find her, putting my grandmother at the top of a very short list of suspects—and Jax in a tough spot. Being all but family by blood, he has to tread a fine line with his inquiries, and Gram holds a special place in his heart. So, he’ll have to work the case strictly by the book, and it looks like it’s up to me, my siblings, and my BFF to make sure Gram is in the clear. And that means digging around for the truth and pushing other suspects into Jackson’s sightline. A dangerous proposition, especially now that he and I are dating. I’m gonna have to be careful and operate under the radar so I don’t step on his toes. He’s pretty persnickety about his work, and I don’t want him popping his cork over us messing around in his murder investigation.

Anyway, that’s nothin’ for y’all to worry about. Just come on down to Delphine for a visit at River Bend. I’ll open some wine, and we can sit out on the veranda and watch the sunset over the river. I promise you’ll be glad you came.

You can read more about Elise in Of Merlot and Murder, the second book in the “Tangled Vines” mystery series, published by Midnight Ink. The first book in the series is Grapes of Death.

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