Corpse with the Platinum HairThe Corpse with the Platinum Hair by Cathy Ace is the fourth book in the “Cait Morgan” mystery series. Publisher: Touchwood Editions, October 2014

With birthday celebrations in the cards, Cait Morgan and her significant other, retired cop Bud Anderson, travel to Las Vegas. As they are about to finish dinner in the casino owners’ exclusive private dining room, Miss Shirley, a woman acknowledged as Queen of The Strip, is murdered. Security locks down the room. Cait, Bud, a corpse, and ten possible murderers are trapped in the luxurious restaurant for twelve deadly hours. The bodies pile up, the tension mounts, the list of suspects dwindles—and Cait knows she has to work out who the killer is because there’s no telling who might be next to die.

An intriguing atmosphere of murder and mayhem awaits Cait and Bud when their host is murdered and there is no means of escape for the participants as their killer sits among them. The drama grabbed me immediately as the terse words in this story put me right in the middle of the action, as one by one the author draws us into each individual’s world. With a room full of suspects and clues hidden in the minutiae of what surrounds them, this is a fantastic piece of work that begins and ends with a throng of life being held in one’s own hand.

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