Finding SkyI’d tell you all about the summer I just had (my best friend was about to adopt a baby, when the birth mother disappeared) and the superhot P.I. instructor who helped me investigate (blond, muscular and miraculously single), but I have homework to do. Not mine—although I am finishing up a P.I. class. Nope, this homework was assigned to every family at my kids’ elementary school. But it’s not as if Jack (6) and Sophie (almost 5) can describe “a day in our lives.” Not in a way I’d want public, at least. For fun, my mom interviewed them so I could get some laundry done before sanitizing the results.

Here’s what Jack said: “Sophie didn’t like her breakfast, so she threw some on the floor. I liked it, so I ate it when Mom wasn’t looking. Some of it went in my Legos, and Mom got upset, so Sophie took a bath with my Legos and washed them. Then we watched TV while mom talked to her best friend Kenna on the phone forever. We got to watch extra shows, and then mom said it was naptime. I think she was tired. She stays up late to fight crime. Isn’t that cool?”

Sophie tried, too: “Mommy got upset because I didn’t like a yucky organic muffin, and some got on the floor by accident. But she wouldn’t make me anything else. Then I took a bath with Legos. Some went down the drain. One was Jack’s favorite. Please don’t tell him. Now she’s calling a plumber because water is stuck in the tub. My bath was long, and so was our TV time. It was a good morning. But I’m kind of hungry. Let’s stop this, Grandma. I need lunch.”

After listening to their descriptions, here’s how I spun it: “We had special apple muffins for breakfast and played with Legos. We were patient while Mom talked on the phone, mopped the kitchen, cleaned the bathroom, and called a plumber. We watched our favorite TV shows. Now it’s time for lunch and a nap.”

I don’t know how the rest of the day will go. But it will include an unexpected plumbing bill. And it won’t include sleep. I’d love to chat more, but I have to bolt. Literally. I hear water running upstairs, and if it’s the bathtub, I’m in trouble. And so is at least one child. I hope I won’t be late for “tutoring” with my gorgeous P.I. instructor. He says he has some news for me, and I’m hoping it’s good!

You can read more about Nicki in Finding Sky, the first book in the new “Nicki Valentine” mystery series, published by Henery Press.

Private investigator in training Nicki Valentine can barely keep track of her kids, never mind anyone else. But when her best friend’s adoption plan is jeopardized by the teen birth mother’s disappearance, she’s persuaded to help. She has everything to lose and much to gain—including the attention of her smokin’ hot P.I. instructor. (Henery Press, October 7, 2014)

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Susan O’Brien has been passionate about reading and writing since childhood, when she started a neighborhood newspaper and escaped tween stress with mysteries. Since covering her first big story (the birth of gerbils next door), she has worked with USA TODAY, PI Magazine, The Parent Institute and others. Susan has an M.A. in forensic psychology and is a registered private investigator in Virginia. Among her diverse interests are photography, gardening, loud R&B music, healing prayer and reality TV. She lives with her husband and children in the D.C. suburbs and donates part of her earnings to missing children’s organizations.

Visit Susan at her website, on Twitter and on Facebook.

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