Invisible MagicAlex, can you introduce yourself?

I’m Alex Noziak, part-witch, part-shaman, total magic-wielding screw up with an uncanny ability to make things worse. I’m also part of a fledgling covert Agency called the Invisible Recruits. Six women recruited to fight preternatural bad guys and keep the world safe from humans who didn’t even know the stuff of nightmares is as close as the next stranger, the dark alley ahead, the cashier whose smile is forced.

Was it only a few months ago I thought being in prison sucked? That was a piece of cake compared to what I’m dealing with now—deranged, power-hungry druids, demons with plans to annihilate all humans and a sexy, arrogant, warlock.

Okay, that last one isn’t that bad. Most days. Even if Bran, my lover, sometime friend, is still one of the biggest complications in a complicated life.

What about your childhood? Any favorite memories?

I grew up in Mud Lake, Idaho, the youngest of five, with the four older being all boys. They all happened to be wolf shifters, like my dad. He was part-shifter, full Shoshone shaman. My mom was the one who gifted, or cursed me, with magic. She was a born-to-the-blood Celtic witch. She also abandoned the family when I was five. As for good memories, I was blessed with the best brothers in the world, unless I was doing something they didn’t want me to do. Then they became pains in the backside. But they did teach me everything I know about hardscrabble fighting, how to keep going when I really, really wanted to give up and curl into a fetal position, and what honor, courage and responsibility really mean. Doing the hard thing when it needs to be done.

Can you tell us a little more about Bran?

Bran looks like a cross between a Halleluiah prayer answered and one’s best wet dream. Thick dark hair, killer sky-blue eyes, cheekbones that make my own Shoshone facial structure look flat.

Danger. Seduction. And trouble with a capital ‘T’. Woman trouble. My trouble.

Have I mentioned that warlocks and witches are sworn enemies? Plus warlocks are an iffy bunch. Arrogant. Egotistical. Selfish. And that’s on their good days.

Right. Anything you want to share about your Agency missions?

Let’s see. First mission happened before we were even out of training. A traitor had joined the ranks of new recruits and I had to figure out who, and what, she was, before she sabotaged the Agency before we’d had our first mission. Then I was tasked to enter the world of the rich and hoity toity—Bran’s world—looking for someone behind a series of worldwide thefts. But the problem was bigger than secrets stolen. Bigger and more deadly. Good news was I met Bran. Bad news, I met his conniving cousin who turned out to be a Grimple. Nasty creatures. From there the missions start to blur. We went after the Weres holding my oldest brother captive while they were experimenting to find a way to drug and control preternatural beings. Just about died, more than once, but we did get Van, my brother, back. Just in time to go after a druid who wasn’t afraid to use anyone, human and non-human, in his quest to free a two thousand year old demon. Oh, and I forgot the crazy djinn we crossed paths with in Africa. It’s been a really busy few months.

Sounds like it. Any plans for the near future?

Is staying alive a plan? I’m actually off on a suicide mission to the Underworld with my best friend and fellow teammate, Kelly McAllister. Mandy Reyes, another teammate, is also along on the assignment, which doesn’t bode well for any of us. Mandy has hot Latin blood, a mouth like a stevedore, the patience of a gnat and is a spirit walker. Spirit-walkers have no souls so can cross that thin line between the human world and the spirit world, but do so at their peril. It’s one thing to be able to communicate with spirits from the human side, a whole other thing to cross into their playing field. All the spirits had to do was catch a spirit-walker unaware and they could hijack their human shells. One second, long dead, the next, back among the land of the living.

We’re going after an ancient demon with no idea if we can find him, find him in time to stop his plans to unleash havoc on the world, or find a way back.

Wish us luck.

You can read more about Alex Noziak, and the other members of the Invisible Recruit Agency in any of the first six novels and two novellas published by Cantwell Publishing. The first story in the series Invisible Prison is currently free on all online book retailers. Watch for the next novel in the series, Invisible Secrets, in late November.

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USA Today bestselling author Mary Buckham writes Urban Fantasy with attitude. Love romance, danger & kick-ass heroines? Find it in her Invisible Recruits series! She also writes the Amazon best selling WRITING ACTIVE series for writers WRITING ACTIVE SETTING and WRITING ACTIVE HOOKS Find more info here: or Or friend her on Facebook, Twitter or Goodreads.

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