Inspector SpecterMy average day is just like the average day of most other fifth graders: I get up the morning, get ready for school, get some breakfast, get driven to school, spend the day there, then get driven home and cook dinner—okay, that part’s a little unusual, but I like it—and do homework, maybe watch some TV or do online stuff until I have to go to bed.


All right, I left out a couple of things. First, my mom owns a guesthouse on the Jersey Shore, so we always have some very nice people visiting in the house and I have to make sure I’m on good behavior when they’re around, because like my mom says, they’re paying for the house we live in.

Second, my mom also has a private investigator license, and every once in a while we investigate a case together. She does most of the driving around and interviewing people and then we talk about it at night and I sort of interpret what a lot of the stuff they said to her meant.

There is one other thing I should tell you: The house is haunted, and I do see ghosts, especially the ones who live there.

I’ve always been able to see ghosts. It took a long time when I was little for my grandma, who also can see them, to explain to me that not everybody does. It was harder because my mom couldn’t see or hear the ghosts all around her until a few years ago when she got hit on the head and then all of a sudden she could.

My best friend Wendy (Mom calls her my BFF, and maybe she is, but nobody says that anymore) knows about the ghosts and can’t see them. She’s totally cool with them, which is one of the reasons I like her so much.

So Maxie and Paul, the ghosts in our house, are part of my day every day. Maxie is so much fun—she likes to be outrageous but she really is sweet and she cares about us, even if Mom doesn’t think so. Paul is serious, but he always knows what to do when we have a case, and he’s really warm and nice for a guy who got murdered three years ago.

Anyway, my day includes school, guests, ghosts and sometimes investigations. I love the cases, and Mom pretends she doesn’t but I think she really does. It’s so cool to think about who did what and why they did it. But when our friend Lt. McElone from the police department asked Mom to help with something, it got a little weird for a while.

Mom tells that story in a book called Inspector Specter. What she says is mostly true.

Melissa Kerby is featured in Inspector Specter, the sixth book in the Haunted Guesthouse mystery series by E.J. Copperman, published by Berkley Prime Crime. The first book in the series is Night of the Living Deed.

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Meet the author
E.J. Copperman is either someone’s pseudonym or the sick mind behind the Haunted Guesthouse mystery series, in which two resident ghosts help a single mom/innkeeper/private investigator solve crimes and entertain guests, or both. E.J. is a screenwriter, freelance reporter, teacher and bon vivant from New Jersey, if such a thing is possible. Visit E.J. at his website.

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