Paw and OrderOccupation: Fort Worth Police Officer

As part of a K-9 team, my day starts with feeding my furry, four-footed partner Brigit and taking her outside for a quick walk. The two of us not only work together, but we live together, too. The arrangement is all part of solidifying our “pack.”

Though I bought a nice, comfy bed for Brigit, she only uses it when lounging in front of the television watching Animal Planet. The rest of the time she insists on sleeping on my futon with me. Yeah, the two of us are still working out our place in the pack. That’s what happens when two smart, stubborn females are paired together. Both of us want to be the alpha.

Despite our constant head-butting off duty, on duty the two of us make an unbeatable team. While I can put clues together, handcuff a suspect, and recite Miranda rights, Brigit can chase and tackle fleeing suspects I’d never be able to catch. She can also sniff them out, too, when they try to hide.

Chief Garelik reassigned me and Brigit from our usual beat to work the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo. The annual three-week event attracts every rowdy shit-kicker in a hundred-mile radius, and livestock dealers from even farther away. Attending the event as a civilian can be fun. Working it as a cop is not. Too many drunks. Too much noise. Too many feet that could step on my partner’s paws. Besides, Brigit keeps eyeing the goats and pigs and chickens in the livestock barns and licking her lips. If I don’t keep a tight enough grip on her leash, she just might jump into a pen, take down a Brahma bull, and enjoy a rare steak.

Unfortunately, while most people attend the rodeo to see the animals, listen the bands, and ride the rides or play the games at the midway, someone has been using the event as an opportunity to snatch purses and pick pockets. Brigit and I have kept our noses to the ground—her, literally and me, figuratively. So far, we’ve been unable to nail the culprit, but I have no doubt we’ll figure things out. The two of us have dogged determination.

Meanwhile, we’ve been having some fun with Clint McCutcheon, a mounted deputy with the Tarrant Country Sheriff’s Department who’s also been assigned to work the event. I know, I know. If I want things to work out with Seth, the bomb squad officer, I shouldn’t be flirting with Clint, accepting his advances. But Seth broke my heart last fall and if he thinks he can get me back without working for it, he’s got another thing coming. Besides, a little jealousy might teach him not to take me for granted.

So, all in all, my days are one-part patrol, one-part crime-solving, and one part romance. A good balance, wouldn’t you say?

I hope you’ll enjoy my adventures in Paw and Order, the second book in the “Paw Enforcement” mystery series, published by St. Martin’s Press. And look for book #3, Laying Down the Paw, next August. The first book in the series is Paw Enforcement.

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About the author
A former tax advisor, Diane Kelly inadvertently worked with white-collar criminals. Lest she end up in an orange jumpsuit, Diane decided self-employment would be a good idea. Her fingers hit the keyboard and thus began her “Death and Taxes” romantic mystery series. A graduate of her hometown’s Citizen Police Academy, Diane Kelly also writes the hilarious K-9 cop “Paw Enforcement” series.

Diane’s books have been awarded the prestigious Romance Writers of America Golden Heart® Award and a Reviewers Choice Award.

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