Like A Bad PennyLike A Bad Penny by Kathryn R. Wall is a novella featuring Bay Tanner. Publisher: Bella Rosa Books, September 2014

Mystery novelist Elizabeth Stanton has been running from her past for more than fifteen years. Though her marriage has hit a rocky patch, she has finally begun to relax and enjoy her life on Hilton Head Island. Until the day the apparent stranger appears on the beach in front of her home. Six-year-old Maddy informs her mother of the man’s attempt to lure her away, and Liz does what she’s always done—she runs. But even in the warmth of her surrogate parents’ home, she knows she’s only postponing the inevitable. Mikey Holloway must be stopped. Permanently.

With Maddy safely stashed away, Liz Stanton is determined to rid herself and her family of the menace that has haunted her life and her dreams. Bay Tanner, a local private investigator and one of Liz’s most trusted resources, has always been willing to offer advice, but now the stakes are much higher. Now the two must formulate a plot that will free Liz of the nightmare while keeping both of them out of jail . . . and alive.

This was a nice little treat to see Bay Tanner again, even if this wasn’t her story. When a friend needs her help, Bay’s gut feeling lands her in the middle of an interesting case which kept me on pins and needles the more I read in this fast-paced and action-filled drama. It was also good to see Erik and Red and be transported back to the island. This was a great read and I look forward to more adventures with Bay and her friends.

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