Shotgun Wedding BellsShotgun, Wedding, Bells by Joanna Campbell Slan is the 11th book in the “Kiki Lowenstein” mystery series. Publisher: Spot On Publishing, February 2015

A very pregnant Kiki Lowenstein and her fiancé Detective Chad Detweiler are trying to race the stork to the altar. But their vows are interrupted by a shoot-out. With the help of her nanny, Bronwyn Macavity, Kiki vows to track down the man who ruined her wedding and put her family at risk. Even a big belly bump won’t stop this intrepid amateur sleuth!

It has finally happened, Kiki and Detweiler are married, but all is marred when calamity ensues when someone takes target shooting at the nuptials. With Detweiler and Hadcho sidelined and an inept official in charge, it’s up to Kiki to solved the puzzling question of why did someone shoot at them. With fierce determination, Kiki, Brawny, and Hadcho with assistance from Johnny seek the person behind the shooting and it’s the answer that put all the pieces together in this fast-paced whodunit. I enjoyed this latest chapter in the adventures of Kiki and I especially enjoyed the dance. After reading this story, all I have to say is that I’m scared (in a nice way) of Brawny. This is the best in the series thus far which continues to get better and better with each story published. The character growth and development keeps me coming back for more fun with Kiki and her family of friends.

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