A Root AwakeningAbby is my name; flowers are my game. . . make that passion . . . okay, game and passion. To be honest, I actually have four passions: 1. Flowers; 2. Marco Salvare (more about him later) 3. Justice; 4. Life.

That last one I’m particularly keen on, but because of number 3, I keep getting into situations where hanging onto number 4 poses something of a problem.

Excuse me while I answer this call.
“Bloomers Flower Shop. Abby Knight speaking. How may I help you?”

To me, those are some of the most beautiful words in the world because having my own flower shop, even a struggling one, is my dream come true. Seriously, have you ever stepped inside a flower shop filled with all those sweetly scented blossoms, magnificent arrangements and not felt a sense of peace? Who wouldn’t be happy working there? Considering where I started from, which was basically ground zero, Bloomers is especially blissful to me.

If being the youngest child in the family, not to mention the only girl, measuring in at 5’ 2” tall, sporting flame red hair and too many freckles, and being abundantly endowed on top isn’t bad enough, try following that with being kicked out of law school after the first year and being dumped by a fussy fiancé from one of the most prominent families in town two months before our wedding. Add to that two tall older brothers who graduated with honors from Med school and are now successful surgeons and happily married — and you can see why Bloomers is my paradise. When I was drowning in failure, Bloomers threw me a lifeline.

I’ve become quite adept at working with flowers now. My assistant Lottie, who used to own the shop, tells me I have a genuine eye for design. You can even try some of my original arrangements yourself. There are usually two in every one of my books, and I say MY books because the mysteries are all about my heroic exploits. (Step back from that delete button, Kate. You know I’m right. . . Okay, have it your way. My misadventures. Satisfied now?)

As passionate as I am about flowers, I am even more so about justice. Nothing makes me angrier than to witness innocent people railroaded by ruthless prosecutors or animals abused by cruel owners. When I see that I have no choice but to step in. It might come from being the daughter of a cop or it might be a trait I inherited from my stubborn Irish relatives. Whatever the cause, I never hesitate to get involved. And I’m proud to say I’ve helped catch a number of bad people because of it.

But at the end of the day, passion number 2 is always waiting, my personal hunk, my very own hero, Marco Salvare, who is the sexiest man in New Chapel, Indiana. He was an Army Ranger, then a cop for a short while (it wasn’t a good fit; Marco doesn’t like rules) and now owns the Down the Hatch Bar and Grill and has his own PI business. He has dark wavy hair, dark soulful eyes, a faint five o’clock shadow, lean jaw, hard-muscled body . . . whew, I’m fanning my face. Anyway, how many men really listen to their women? Mine does. He can be a bit bossy at times, but then so can I, so we’re evenly matched. He’s the love of my life, the man who knows me as well as I know myself, and who has rescued me on more than one occasion. We are partners in every sense of the word.

The greatest part of my heroic exploits – yes, Kate, I’m sticking with that – is that they are not only great page-turners but are also loaded with laughs, love, and clues –some genuine, some red herrings. In fact, I challenge you to figure out whodunit in any of my stories. You’ll really be surprised by the ending of my newest case, A ROOT AWAKENING (Feb, 2015). It’s a double mystery and a really twisted puzzle to solve. You’re going to love it.

You can read more about me and the gang from Bloomers Flower Shop on Kate’s website. And you can even take a tour through the flower shop. Stop by anytime. Everyone is welcome at Bloomers.

Wishing you roses and lilies and daffodils,

Abby Knight

You can read more about Abby in A Root Awakening, the 16th book in the “Flower Shop” mystery series, published by Obsidian. The first book in the series is Mum’s The Word.

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About the author
Kate Collins is a New York Times bestselling author of the popular and long-running Flower Shop Mystery series. A Root Awakening, #16 in the series, is a February 2015 release. Read about Kate’s mysteries, historical romances, and children’s anthologies at www.katecollinsbooks.com.

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