Assault and PepperAssault and Pepper by Leslie Budewitz is the first book in the new “Seattle Spice” mystery series. Publisher: Berkley Prime Crime, March 2015

After leaving a dicey marriage and losing a beloved job in a corporate crash, Pepper Reece has found a new zest for life running a busy spice and tea shop in Seattle’s Pike Place Market. Her aromatic creations are the talk of the town, and everyone stops by for a cup of her refreshing spice tea, even other shopkeepers and Market regulars. But when a panhandler named Doc shows up dead on the store’s doorstep, a Seattle Spice Shop cup in his hand, the local gossip gets too hot for Pepper to handle—especially after the police arrest one of Pepper’s staffers, Tory Finch, for murder.

Tory seems to know why she’s a suspect, but she refuses to do anything to curry favor with the cops. Convinced her reticent employee is innocent, Pepper takes it on herself to sniff out some clues. Only, if she’s not careful, Pepper’s nosy ways might make her next on the killer’s list. . .

In this new series we are introduced to Pepper who runs an aptly named Seattle Spice Shop. When one of her employees is arrested, knowing the ins and out of police investigation comes in handy as Pepper sets out to prove her friend’s innocence.

I like it. I love the way the story flowed and the comfortable tone that made me feel like I was part of the scene. The author did a great job in presenting this finely-tuned whodunit with a mystery that was equally engaging and enticing with its savory flavor of what’s to come. I like how the telling of this drama that was laced with spice tidbits and how it helped moved the story to an outcome befitting this story. Pepper is a great character and I like what we know about her already, her will and determination to do for her friends. This is a great series and I can’t wait to read the next book in this wonderfully appetizing series.

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