What The Fly SawWhat The Fly Saw by Frankie Y. Bailey is the second book in the “Detective Hannah McCabe” mystery series. Publisher: Minotaur, March 2015

Albany, New York, January 2020

The morning after a blizzard that shut down the city, funeral director Kevin Novak is found dead in the basement of his funeral home. The arrow sticking out of his chest came from his own hunting bow.

A loving husband and father and an active member of a local megachurch, Novak has no known enemies. His family and friends say he was depressed because his best friend died suddenly of a heart attack and Novak blamed himself. But what does his guilt have to do with his death? Maybe nothing, maybe a lot. The minister of the megachurch and the psychiatrist who provides counseling to church members–do either of them know more than they are saying?

Detective Hannah McCabe and her partner, Mike Baxter, sort through lies and evasions to solve the riddle of Novak’s death, while unanswered questions from another high-profile case, and McCabe’s own suspicions make for a dynamite crime novel.

I am a fan of the present, the here and now, when I’m reading a book, but this futuristic story kept my interest and I did enjoy the interplay between the characters, be it the main protagonist, the victim and the supporting players. The author did a good job in pacing the drama so that it was easy to follow and the twists and turns heightened this mystery that resulted in a satisfying outcome.

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