Mansion of MeowsMansion of Meows by Patricia Fry is the 9th book in the “Klepto Cat” mystery series. Publisher: Matilija Press, February 2015

Rags’s documentary is scheduled to debut. The showing will take place at the investor’s San Francisco mansion, where the Ivey family and film crew will stay. Of course, the mansion holds secrets and Rags is instrumental in letting the cats out of the bag.

Savannah and Aunt Margaret share another daring adventure and, of course, find themselves in deeper than they expected.

This is a new-to-me series and I loved it. I love the comfortable tone and the flow of this light-hearted mystery. The author did a great job in keeping the suspense alive throughout this tale. from beginning to end. The characters are delightful, especially Savannah, her aunt Maggie and Savannah’s cat, Rags, who mysteriously finds himself involved in a dark deep secret that once uncovered becomes a riveting read that was hard to put down. This was a good read and I look forward to more fun with the Iveys and their friends.

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