Threads of DeceitWelcome to the Quilt Haus Inn. I’m your host. Please, just call me Julie.

Millie? Yes, she’s still the owner here. She’s presently ticking off another item on her bucket list. I believe this one is “visit every museum in Washington, DC” so I don’t think she’ll be back for your visit, but I’ll be happy to pass along your well wishes.

No, I haven’t always been an innkeeper. I’ll have to admit, it’s not something I even considered as an occupation. I know there are many people who dream of running an inn and meeting all the lovely people who stay over, but I’m afraid my dreams included more skulking in the shadows and running from danger. Oh, no, I wasn’t anything as colorful as a spy. I was in antiquities recovery. If someone lost some important antique or if it was stolen, I recovered it for them. Yes, well, not everyone has time or faith in the property recovery skills of the police. Sometimes it’s just better to handle something directly, and I do love a challenge.

Oh yes, I miss that job a little, but it became a little too exciting even for me, so when dear Cousin Millie had an opening for innkeeper, well, I just knew it was my chance to try a new vocation. This job has its own challenges, and I’m learning so much about quilting. And you’d be surprised how many adventures you can find if you keep your eyes open.

This is our little quilt shop. Anything you need for your quilt project, I’m certain we’ll have it here. And if not, Shirley will be happy to order it for you. That’s Shirley over there in the gorgeous quilted jacket. No, we don’t always keep the air conditioning quite so chilly in the shop, but Shirley is rather proud of that jacket, and I was concerned she might stroke out if I didn’t do something. One can be too apple cheeked, you know.

Shirley is also our local history buff, with a focus on historical scandal.

She gives talks in the dining room on select days. You’ll find a schedule of topics in the folder in your room. Yes, Shirley is quite the storyteller.

Here, let me show you your room. It’s actually one of my favorites. The framed quilt squares in that room were crafted by Millie herself, and they show off her amazing skills. Excuse me, what did you ask? Oh, I didn’t see anyone lurking in the hallway. A woman you say? Well, it might have been our housekeeper, Inga. She’s very fond of lurking. Sometimes I feel like I’m in a gothic novel with Inga slipping through the shadows like a wraith in her back clothes. Scary? Oh, well, maybe a little, but she’s really a lovely person. I’m fairly sure of it.

This is where we part company. I’m certain you’ll have a lovely time at the Quilt Haus Inn. If you need anything, please, don’t hesitate to ask. And, if you don’t mind, if anyone. . .odd. . .in town should ask you about Julie Ellis, well, I would appreciate if you didn’t tell them where I am. Oh, no special reason. You just never know who might be looking for you, now do you? Yes, I’m certain you’re perfectly safe here. Almost no one dies mysteriously in Straussberg, but we’re always hopeful!

Happy Quilting!

You can read more about Julie in Threads of Deceit, the first book in the NEW “Vineyard Quilt” mystery series, published by Annie’s Fiction.

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JanFieldsJan Fields is the author of over a dozen cozy mysteries for Annie’s Fiction, as well as more than two dozen different children’s books, and far too many short stories to count. She’s dabbled in every craft she can from quilting to crochet to toy making, and is presently learning wood carving — with high hopes that her fingers survive the learning process. She lives in Connecticut with her husband, Mark, her teenaged daughter, Rachel, and a feather flinging parakeet with no name.

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