Manhattan in MiniatureManhattan in Miniature by Margaret Grace is the 8th book in the “Miniature” mystery series. Publisher: Perseverance Press, April 2015

Perhaps Manhattan, like Christmas, is best seen through the eyes of a child. Gerry Porter provides both magical experiences for granddaughter Maddie when a SuperKrafts manager takes them to New York City for a huge crafts fair. They get to work on both making miniatures and solving crimes, the detecting duo’s favorite pastimes. All this, plus Rockefeller Center and Radio City, too! But a crafty murderer wants to make sure they don’t make it safely home again to California.

I loved it. It was fun watching Maddie take in Manhattan with her grandma and Bebe by her side giving her the experience of a lifetime. I love how they both became involved in two mysteries and with keen observations were able to help in solving the crimes. The author did a great job in the telling of this story, placing me right in the middle of all the non-stop action. There were one tense moment when I was feeling the emotions that Gerry was feeling in trying to reach Maddie, but it all worked out well in the end. This is by far, my favorite book in this delightfully entertaining series. I can’t wait to see what awaits Gerry, Maddie and friends in their next miniature adventures.

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