IMG_1266Event: Malice Domestic
Location: Bethesda, MD
Date: May 1 – May 4, 2015

It was a whirlwind weekend of camaraderie and fun times at the Malice Domestic Convention. From having early morning breakfasts, to joyous lunch meals and delectable dinner choices, the company was exceptionally enjoyable with laughter throughout.

There were so many activities to take part in and I especially enjoyed Malice-Go-Round, where authors have 2 minutes to sell their book and the Jungle Red Panel where they had to answer questions in 20 seconds and I was the timekeeper.

The Saturday night banquet is, of course, the best event of the Malice weekend and I was so thrilled when my friend Terrie Moran won for Best Novel. Blushing in the corner was me as she gave me a shout-out in her acceptance speech. I also enjoyed my seatmate who was the father of Kathryn O’Sullivan. He was delightfully charming.

Overall, this was the best Malice Domestic Convention that I’ve attended and I can’t wait to see what happens next year.

I always say that I will take notes on my activity, but at the end of the day I’m bushed from said activity and all I have are pictures. They say pictures are worth a thousand words, so here you go:

Two of my dining experiences
IMG_1258 IMG_1259

IMG_1263 IMG_1264











Hotel Drink







Malice-Go-RoundIMG_1299 IMG_1300 IMG_1305 IMG_1303 IMG_1302 IMG_1310 IMG_1312  IMG_1301

JoAnna Carl, Alyssa Maxwell




Eva Gates, Alan Orloff






Alice Loweecey, Beverly Allen



Janet Cantrell





Kate Carlisle, Kylie Logan





Connie Archer, Leslie Budewitz




Laura Morrigan, Liz Mugavero




Elizabeth Duncan,





Midnight Ink 10th Anniversary Celebration IMG_1322 IMG_1321 IMG_1373 IMG_1375 IMG_1377 IMG_1387 IMG_1389 IMG_1390






































Some of my goodies

IMG_1393 IMG_1407 IMG_1397 IMG_1395




















Signing: Before and During:

IMG_1409 IMG_1435











Here’s me at the Jungle Red PanelJungle Red Panelist Fun (Robin Templeton) (photo courtesy of Robin Templeton)




Here’s me with the Sleuth in Time (photo courtesy of Christine Trent) The Sleuths with Dru Ann Love (Christine Trent)






That concludes my pictorial montage. For more information on Malice Domestic Convention, click HERE

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