The Bride of LottawatahThe Bride of Lottawatah by Evelyn David is the 13th book in the “Brianna Sullivan” mystery series. Publisher: Trace Evidence Press, May 2015

Here comes the bride…unless murder, explosions, and incredibly bad hair days stop Brianna Sullivan from walking down the aisle.

In The Bride of Lottawatah, the thirteenth volume of the Brianna Sullivan Mysteries series, all of Lottawatah eagerly anticipates the nuptials of reluctant psychic Brianna Sullivan and her hunky Police Chief fiancé Cooper Jackson. But the week before the couple can say their “I do’s,” the local Senior Center becomes embroiled in an illegal drug scandal and a series of mysterious deaths strike the small Oklahoma town. Despite her best efforts to stay out of the investigation, Brianna finds herself juggling wedding planning, spending quality time with her mother, and following a trail of convoluted clues to find who is behind the deadly scheme. Join the festivities and the intrigue as Brianna and Leon, her adorable bulldog with the wonky digestive tract, try to figure out whodunit in time for the wedding of the year.

Once again, Evelyn David has outdone themselves in the telling of the latest adventures of Brianna Sullivan. This fast-paced and action-packed drama claimed my attention from the first page to an ending I didn’t see coming but put a smile on my face. What I enjoyed most was “will the wedding happen” or “will the actions of the people who were causing havoc” win? The author did a great job in making me feel like I was part of the action, whether watching for clues to the perpetrators’ identity, or just enjoying the interactions from the people of Lottawatah, especially Aunt Ida, who is a hoot. This was the best book thus far and I can’t wait to see what happens next in this fun, engaging and entertaining series.

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