A Bird in the HandSince Caro only gets out of bed for coffee, she depends on her hubby to fire up the ol’ Keurig first thing in the morning. When that happens, she can begin her day semi-sane. Here’s a truncated look at how she begins her day.

Trixie, the spoiled dachshund, has taken over my pillow: I’m up already! If I can just navigate the hallway toward the kitchen, I know that today will be good. If, that is, Gregory has remembered to push the ‘on’ button so I don’t have to wait for the coffee machine to warm up. . .

Post-coffee: Off to the shower. No- wait! I see something happening next door. Better nip into my study and pretend to do some birdwatching. . .

Still in study: And still ‘birdwatching’. In the name of getting ideas for my next book, of course.

Back to kitchen for a post-spying cup of coffee and a delicious apple turnover: Unless the neighbor is bona fide CIA, there is definitely intrigue happening over there. Wonder if I can get Greg to help me figure this out? Strictly in the name of research for my book, of course.

Deciding not to wait for Greg and heading across the lawn to the neighbor’s house: I wish I had waited. I don’t do so well with dead bodies first thing in the morning. . .


Caro Layton-Browning, an accomplished writer of mysteries, never imagined she would unwittingly stumble into a series of real-life murders good enough to be in her own books. But when the Cat Lady next door, who Caro is convinced is out to make life miserable for her, is found dead among her feline collection, Caro finds herself in trouble far more dangerous than her neighborhood HOA has ever dished out before. Suddenly she and her professor hubby, Gregory, find themselves on the trail of a murderer far more sinister than Caro’s imagination could conjure up.

As the bodies begin to pile up in picturesque Seneca Meadows, Caro sees the possibility of a plot for her newest book, and the killer sees someone who needs to be moved out of the way. . .permanently.

You can read more about Caro in A Bird In The Hand, the first book in the NEW “Proverbial Crime” mystery series, published by Gemma Halliday Publishing.

GIVEAWAY: Leave a comment by 12 a.m. eastern on June 5 for the chance to win a copy of A Bird In The Hand. The giveaway is open to U.S. residents only. Winner will be notified within 48 hours after giveaway closes and you will have three days to respond after being contacted or another winner will be selected. Make sure to check your SPAM folder.

Dane McCaslin, author of the new Proverbial Crime mystery series, resides in the state of Arizona with her very DaneMpatient husband. She has been writing all of her life: poetry, short stories, journals, letters (yes, those old-fashioned epistles that require pen and paper), and now she brings her talents to the cozy mystery genre.

In addition to being an author, Dane McCaslin is an educator. She currently teaches advanced language arts classes for grade 11; additionally, she teaches beginning writing classes at the local university. Being an educator is an important part of her life, and passing on her passion for reading and writing is one of her great joys. Visit Dane at her website.

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