Seniors SleuthWinston heard the phone ring close to midnight. He’d been getting ready for bed but picked it up. It could only be one person at that hour, Marcy. Ready to chew him out.

“Hey, big sis,” he said.

“I can’t believe you emailed me the news.”

He’d done it on purpose, so he wouldn’t have to hear the shouting right away. He’d kept his Skype tuned off all day too, to avoid any video conferences. “I didn’t want to bother you. Time zone differences and all. Besides, you’ve always got some herbology conference to attend or a specialized lecture to give.”

She humphed at him. “Quitting your job is big news.”

“It’s been on and off work for ages.” When was the last time he’d tested a video game? Felt the crick in his neck as he stared at the screen and clicked on the mouse? He did some shoulder rolls now to ease the phantom tension.

“So which tech company are you interviewing at?”

He hesitated. It wasn’t the Wong way to be unemployed for long, and he had a plan, but would she like it? Would Marcy get tired of helping him with the mortgage once she knew his new line of work?

“I’m changing professions.”

A long silence. “To what?”

“Detective work.”

“Following in the footsteps of your idol, Encyclopedia Brown? Good luck with that,” she said and hung up.

She could scoff if she wanted, but Winston knew he had prime marketing in place. Well, he’d taken an ad out in the Pennysaver, advertising himself as a “senior” sleuth. With a winning title like that, what could possibly go wrong?

You can read more about Winston in Seniors Sleuth, the first book in the NEW “Winston Wong” mystery series.

About Seniors Sleuth

Winston Wong used to test video games but has left his downward spiraling career to follow in the footsteps of Encyclopedia Brown, his favorite childhood detective. When the Pennysaver misprints his new job title, adding an extra “s” to his listing, Winston becomes a “Seniors Sleuth.” He gets an easy first case, confirming the natural death of a ninety-year-old man. However, under the surface of the bingo-loving senior home is a seedier world where a genuine homicide actually occurred. Winston finds himself surrounded by suspects on all sides: a slacker administrator, a kind-hearted nurse, and a motley crew of eccentric residents. To validate his new career choice (and maybe win the girl), he must unravel the truth from a tangle of lies.

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Meet the author
JChowJ.J. Chow writes Asian-American fiction with a geriatric twist. She has a gerontology specialization from Cornell University and a Master’s in Social Work with geriatric field experience. She lives in Los Angeles and is a member of Sisters in Crime.

Seniors Sleuth was Runner-Up in the 2015 Beach Book Festival. You can follow Jennifer’s blog and find more about her other writing at

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