A Watery DeathA Watery Death by Joyce and Jim Lavene is 7th book in the “Missing Pieces” mystery series. June 2015

It’s the Fourth of July weekend in Duck, North Carolina and twenty-thousand visitors are on hand to enjoy the parade, the festivities – and learn about the murder of Captain Bill Lucky.
Lucky is the captain of the new gambling ship, Andalusia II, which is modeled after the famous ghost ship that haunts the small town on the Outer Banks.

Whispers of unusual sea creatures surround Lucky’s death. It isn’t the first time that mermaids have been seen in Duck, but it’s the first time one of them has been accused of murder.

Mayor Dae O’Donnell has her hands full with setting up the parade, convincing her friend Trudy she shouldn’t call off her wedding, and getting her shop, Missing Pieces, ready for the summer crowd.

Dae doesn’t ask to be involved in Lucky’s death, but she can’t ignore it. If someone from the sea isn’t his killer, who is? And will he or she strike again to lay the blame on the town’s watery visitors?

I enjoyed the latest adventures in Duck, North Carolina where a murder takes place and the suspect is an unlikely person who makes an appeal to Dae that they are innocent. The author has created another well-written light drama that kept me engaged from beginning to an ending left with both sorrow and joy. Sometimes what you desire may not be for the best as Dae will soon learn. This was a good read with a good mystery and I look forward to the next happenings with Dae and her friends.

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