Black Cat and the Accidental AngelWhen I woke up in a busted cat carrier and realized I’d been left behind following an MVA, I was shocked to find a lovely feline with eyes the color of mustard and stripes the color of marigolds by my side. I had a conk on my noggin and no memory of my name or my former life. Then she said, “You can call me Angel. I’m here to take care of you.” Wasn’t it just too good to be true? Left behind on a deserted road with a beautiful female and I figured I was already dead.

Angel convinced me I was still very much alive and it was her intention to keep me that way.

We began a journey to find home and a surprising turn of events brought us to an Emu ranch and vineyard somewhere west of Reno, Nevada where we were taken in by John and his daughter, Cindy. In spite of this Garden of Eden-like setting, babbling brook, virgin vineyard surrounded by tall pine trees, and caring persons to feed us, trouble began almost as soon as we arrived.

John’s ex-wife is giving him grief, wanting to take Cindy, and the bank began foreclosure proceedings. Even more troubling, someone started messing with the Emu’s ‘soon to be hatched’ eggs, John’s only hope of fending off foreclosure until his vineyard’s first harvest. When John was nearly shot in the vineyard, I was convinced. . .We had landed in a peck of trouble.

I have only wisps of memories of my former life and for some reason, Angel won’t share any information. Where had we met? Why does she claim to be my bride? I would have thought I was a dedicated bachelor, but maybe not. It is a mystery. . .and she is cute as a button.

So here we are, our new persons facing financial disaster and increasingly dangerous pranks that are beginning to endanger Cindy. In spite of my insistence we get back on the road and find home, Angel put her nose up and her paw down. She won’t leave. She is convinced destiny brought us here to help John and Cindy. Since she is my only link to my past, I let her convince me to linger.

I like it here but I can’t help but wonder. Are our real persons looking for us? Will I ever recover memories of my former life? Will we ever go home again? Will John’s faith be rewarded and his prayers answered? I shudder to think what terrible things could happen before his problems are resolved.

Somehow I feel that Angel may be right. There is no question, destiny brought us to this place, but unless we receive divine intervention, how can a couple of lost cats help this troubled family?

You can read more in Black Cat and the Accidental Angel, the third book in the “Black Cat” mystery series, published by Elk Grove Publications. The first two books in the series are Black Cat’s Legacy and Black Cat and the Lethal Lawyer.

Tell your truth a different way. . . Black Cat and the Accidental Angel is a story of faith, love, loss, grief, and hope, with a touch of the divine. Very human truths told in a way you’ve never seen before…through the eyes of a cat.

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About the author
Elaine Faber is an active member of Sisters in Crime, Inspire Christian Writers and Cat Writers Association. Her cat ElaineFmystery series features Thumper (Black Cat), the cat, who, with the aid of his ancestors’ memories, helps solve mysteries. Black Cat’s Legacy, Black Cat and the Lethal Lawyer and Black Cat and the Accidental Angel are all available at Amazon.

Elaine lives in northern CA with her tolerant husband and four house cats, including a tuxedo cat who looks a lot like Thumper! Another three feral cats are welcomed at the back door night and morning. A portion of the proceeds from the Black Cat mysteries aids cat rescue organizations.

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