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trixieGreetings from Sandy Harbor, New York!

Macaroni and FreezeMoving to New York and buying the Silver Bullet Diner (circa 1950, Open 24 hours, Air-conditioned, Breakfast Served All Day) from my Aunt Stella Matkowski, who retired to Boca Raton, was a big change for me. Things proved even more difficult when the restaurant inspector turned up dead in my kitchen! My beautiful diner became a ghost town overnight!

But after three years here, I have settled in and have had many adventures with my friend, muumuu- wearing, flip-flop flipping, Antoinette Chloe Brownelli, or ACB for short.

Our latest adventure has been documented by Sandy Harbor Historian, Christine Wenger. She’s all right, but sometimes she has trouble keeping up with the two of us. Chris did do an article called Macaroni And Freeze which told about our fundraiser for a new roof for the library last winter.

Since everyone does chili cook-offs, we decided to do a macaroni and cheese cook-off instead. We asked TV chef and cookbook author Priscilla Finch-Smythe to judge the contest, and she did. Unfortunately, someone didn’t like the result, and Cilla was found half-frozen in a snowbank, choked by her own scarf-the same scarf that I was holding.

So ACB and I got to work to find the real culprit.

In spite of the bad stuff, I’ve kept busy cooking and playing with recipes at the Silver Bullet, have almost stopped reeling from my divorce (almost!), made life-long friends, never laughed so much, and still find time to polka!

Life is good at the lake. Come visit!

~~ Trixie ~~

You can read more about Trixie and ACB in Macaroni and Freeze, the fourth book in the “Comfort Food” mystery series, published by Obsidian. The first book in the series is Do Or Diner.

GIVEAWAY: Leave a comment by 12 a.m. eastern on July 20 for the chance to win a print copy of Macaroni and Freeze. The giveaway is open to U.S. residents only. Three lucky commenters will be randomly selected. Winners will be notified within 48 hours after giveaway closes and you will have three days to respond after being contacted or another winner will be selected.

About the author
Chris has worked in the criminal justice field for more years than she cares to remember. It seemed to her that she was forever going to school while she was working full time, but in the end, she received a dual master’s degree in Probation and Parole Studies as well as Sociology from Fordham University.

Unfortunately, the knowledge she gained from way too many years in night school, didn’t prepare her for what she loves to do the most – write!

To date, Chris has written nine romances for Harlequin and four cozy mysteries for Penguin/Obsidian Books.

Do Or Diner was released from Obsidian Books on August 6, 2013, and it was their first “comfort food” mystery! Her second cozy mystery is A Second Helping Of Murder, and was released in 2014. A third, Diners, Drive-Ins And Death came out in January of 2015. Macaroni And Freeze came out July 7, 2015 followed by It’s A Wonderful Knife, a Christmas story, in February of 2016. All these cozy mysteries follow the adventures of Trixie Matkowski, a diner owner in small town Sandy Harbor on the shore of Lake Ontario.

A Harlequin Special Edition romance, The Rancher’s Surprise Son, will be out in September of 2015.

For fun, Chris enjoys watching professional bull riding and rodeo with her favorite cowboy, her husband Jim. They dress in their cowboy regalia (she claims to look horrible in a cowboy hat!) and have traveled to events in Las Vegas, Florida, Connecticut, and other states.


  1. Everybody likes a 50’s diner-and the Silver Bullet sounds like one of the best around! I can’t wait to read the latest story in this series. Thanks Dru and Christine for sharing with us! 🙂

  2. Oh my goodness….what an awesome cover on this new book… it and the cute doggie! And I love, love, love macaroni and cheese and mysteries so can’t wait to read this book. And the 50’s in right back in my time when I was born….need I say more…what’s not to like about this book!!!! Sure would love to win it!!!!! Thanks so much dearest Dru for the chance and thanks so much dearest Christine for writing this awesome new book!!!! God bless you awesome girls!!!!

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  8. I love diner’s ! My mom rescued a red long haired Maine raccoon kitten in a box, left there with his brothers and sisters! And needless to say our family has plenty of stories to tell about the “diner”. Fond memories anyway! I can’t wait to finish reading Macaroni and Freeze!

  9. This is a great series with fascinating characters and food descriptions that make you head to the kitchen with book in hand.

  10. Mac and cheese is the comfort food of young and old alike. I
    can’t wait to read this great book!

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  17. One of my childhood friends is a chef who competed in a mac and cheese cook off for charity. I don’t think anyone was murdered though.

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  20. Great cover! Who doesn’t love a 50’s diner? Brings back great memories from the Elliston Place Soda Shop & original Krystal’s. I’d love a print copy of Macaroni and Freeze that I could donate to my library after reading. Thanks, Dru for featuring Chris Wenger and her friend, Trixie.

  21. I haven’t had any of this “Comfort Food” yet. Guess it’s about time. Count me in.

  22. This series sounds great. I am not familiar with your writing Christine but I definitely want to change that. Thank you for the great blog post, Dru I am so glad to find a new author that talks about food; I am a foodaholic, errr, I mean a foodie too, and love reading about anything related to food, wine, beverages in general, among other categories. And diner and comfort food is a quick route to happiness in most cases, isn’t it?? Much success and joy with your writing Christine.

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