Revenge of the Chili QueensUp early. (And by early I mean somewhere around ten.)

First things first . . . breakfast. Coffee. Lots of coffee. And a couple Hostess cupcakes.

Shower and become the Chili Chick and–

What’s that? Who’s the Chili Chick?

Something tells me you haven’t been to a Chili Showdown, that fabulous chili show and cook-off that travels the country. If you had been, you would certainly know the Chick.

Tall black stilettoes.

Fishnet stockings.

Giant red chili costume that covers her from hips to head.

The Chili Chick dances in front of Texas Jack Pierce’s Hot-Cha Chili Seasoning Palace to draw in customers and it’s not being too swell-headed to say that in chili circles, she is a legend! If it was up to me, I’d dance as the Chick all day, but sometimes, I need to help out with selling our dried peppers and our spices or my half-sister, Sylvia, gets all prune-faced. Of course there are other times when dancing and selling peppers are the last things on my mind.

Take our latest Showdown visit to San Antonio, home of the famous Chili Queens. Long ago, the Chili Queens would cook up batches of their secret-recipe chili at home and then cart steaming pots of chili to the town’s plazas in the evening. Musicians showed up and so did lots and lots of people, and the plazas became the center of San Antonio social life.

We were in San Antonio to help re-create the Chili Queen scene. Each night for a week, I set aside the Chick costume and dressed as a Queen of old and we raised tons of money for charity.

It was perfect. I mean, except for the annoying beauty queens who were there. And the drag queens who had another agenda. And the queens of society who thought they were better than everyone else. And the two descendants of real Chili Queens who were at each others throats all the time.

And then, of course, there was the murder.

Murder has a way of ruining even the best bowl of chili, and this time, it hit a little too close to home. Nick Falcone (head of Showdown security and hotter than a ghost pepper) ended up being the prime suspect and I needed to move fast to keep him out of real trouble. Along the way . . . well, I’m not going to reveal the surprise. Let’s just say that things got pretty hot in San Antonio, and I’m not just talkin’ chili!

You can read more about Maxie in Revenge of the Chili Queens, the third book in the “Chili Cook-Off” mystery series, published by Berkley Prime Crime. The first two books in the series are Chili Con Carnage and Death By Devil’s Breath.

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About the author
Kylie Logan is the author of the Chili Cook-Off mysteries, the League of Literary Ladies mysteries and the soon-to-premier Ethnic Eats mysteries. As Casey Daniels, she’s also written nine books in the Pepper Martin mystery series. “Revenge of the Chili Queens” is the third Chili Cook-Off mystery. It will be followed by League #4 next March, “And Then There Were Nuns.”

When she’s not writing, she’s home with a family that includes Oscar, a Jack Russell who came as a rescue and 12 years later, hasn’t left, Ernie, an adorable Airedale and Casey, the newest member of the menagerie, a 14-year-old Airedale just recently adopted. There is also a cat in the house, a troublemaker named Marvin who is way too smart for his own good!

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