I had a wonderful 1.5 day weekend first traveling to Columbia by way of Baltimore. Seeing Kristopher, Michael, Sharon and Eleanor at the train station put a smile on my face. Then it was off as we took the scenic view up to Boonsboro, Maryland, home of the Nora Roberts’ Inn BoonsBoro (another bucket list item checked) and shopping in her bookstore, Turn the Page Bookstore (another checked off) and dining in her pizza shop, Vesta. After checking out some of the other stores in Boonsboro, we headed to Terre d’ Ange where we got the grand tour, relaxed and had good conversations. All in a good Saturday.

Sunday was the piece de resistance. . .having a home-cooked breakfast of home fries, fried eggs, toast, bacon, hot chocolate and orange juice to start the day before going to the Willard Hotel (another check off bucket list) for English Tea with Louise Penny. We got to the hotel early and just relaxed. We were looking to see where Ulysses Grant sat while hiding out from people. Eleanor brought me a fascinator (isn’t that a cute word for a headband with a fancy topping?) and I felt like a queen. Kris, Michael, Sharon, Patricia and Eleanor all looked mighty fine as we waited to get our book and enter the room for our tea and to listen to Louise Penny talk. We also saw several members of the Malice Board and as Joni said, it was Malice Domestic, pas duex.

The Menu was: Tea: English Breakfast or Green Tea Passion; Sandwiches: Orange Sesame Chicken Salad, Egg Salad, Smoked Salmon and Cucumber; Scones: Vanilla and Raisin; Pastries: Lemon Meringue Tart, Earl Grey Chocolate Mousse and Hazelnut Cream Puff.

Then Louise entertained us with her writing endeavors as she sold her first book, took Q&A and then we had the book signing. I sometimes don’t know if an author remembers me when I had little contact with them, but as soon as Louise saw who I was, she gave me a big old hug. That was the highlight of my day as well as getting so many compliments on the fascinator. Thank you, Eleanor.

That was my weekend in a shell. A great time was had by all. Until the next time.










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