Girl Meets ClassMy name is Toni Lee Wells, and the unspooling of my Tiffany and Wild Turkey lifestyle began with my second trip to the Luckett County Jail drunk tank. Not very dignified for a Southern girl from a prominent family.

I blame it on the tequila (no wonder they call it to-kill-ya), but the real reason I’ve been playing the fool is because I’m heartbroken. All my life I’ve wanted to be a pro tennis player, but then I severely damaged my wrist, and now my dreams are permanently dashed.

My family was patient with me for a while, but no more. My aunt Cornelia, who controls the purse strings, told me that she was cutting off my generous allowance and that I had to get a real job and keep it for a whole year. If I screw it up, I’m going to cut off from the Wells family fortune.

It wasn’t easy finding a job. There aren’t too many positions out there for people whose only skills are winning at Flip, Strip or Sip and hanging out on Pinterest. Luckily I stumbled across the Teacher Corps, which is a program that places college grads in high-need areas and fast-tracks their teaching degree.

I was looking forward to an easy teaching gig, but what I got was an assignment to Harriet Hall, one of Georgia’s roughest high schools. What’s a pampered Southern belle to do when confronted with a bunch of street smart students who are determined to make her life miserable as possible?

My kids are wild as an acre of snakes. In the middle of lessons, they love to yell out: “Let’s get krunk!” We’re all stuck out in a battered portable that’s crawling with vermin and has a broken AC unit. Some days I just lay my head on the desk and try to wish it all away. The principal is no help; in fact, he wants me to participate in some unethical dealings. But I can’t quit or I’ll be broke for the rest of my life.

Luckily, Carl, a handsome colleague, is willing to help me negotiate the rough teaching waters, but he’s the only bright spot in my life. Will I be able to make it through this school year? Guess you’ll have to check back with me in June to find out. It’s only September and I’m already about to lose my marbles.

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Karin Gillespie is the author the Bottom Dollar series and Girl Meets Class, which is loosely based on her experience teaching at an inner-city school. Visit her at

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