Second To NunOMG baby! I know I’m supposed to be all mature and everything now that I’m a mom and married and running my own house and everything, but Jessamine is the sweetest, most perfect, most beautiful baby ever and she makes my life perfect! Don’t tell Olivier, my husband, because I may have told him that he makes my life perfect. But who says there’s a limit to perfection?

It’s only been a few years since I started working for Driscoll Investigations, and back then I was probably the goofiest admin Frank and Giulia Driscoll—actually she was Giulia Falcone then—ever saw. So much has changed since then! First Olivier and I got married, then Giulia and Frank got married, then Frank went back to being a police detective again and Giulia took over the business and made me her assistant! When that all happened, boom, boom, boom, I knew I had to settle down and get mature in a hurry.

Giulia is a whiz at running a detective agency. I wouldn’t have thought being a nun for ten years was good training for that kind of thing, but it’s almost like that old radio show, The Shadow. My dad used to play old recordings of it on long car trips when we were little. A spooky narrator always said, “Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows.” That’s exactly how Giulia does it. It’s like her natural power, but maybe all those nun years sharpened her skills.

We have so much business we’re always busy. And then Jessamine came along. Now I’m super-busy at home and super-busy at work.

Speaking of super-busy at work, would you believe our latest client thinks her lighthouse B&B is haunted? Puh-lease. It’s awful how gullible some people are. I bet you a thousand dollars the “ghost” is a seagull trapped in the attic or a family of squirrels in between the walls. It doesn’t matter, because it’s more work for Driscoll Investigations, which means money for Jessamine’s future college fund. Right now it also means I get to temporarily be in charge while Giulia investigates the “haunting.”

Me in charge! This is so cool. Don’t tell Giulia, but if somebody comes through the door claiming they have a poltergeist or a Woman in White or the Dullahan is after them, I’m going to direct them to the Tarot Shoppe across the street. They’re the ones who got us into this haunted silliness in the first place.

Shh. It’s between you and me.

You can read more about Sidney in Second To Nun, the second book in the “Giulia Driscoll” humorous mystery series, published by Henery Press. The first book in the series is Nun Too Soon.

About Second To Nun

The Other Side has hired Driscoll Investigations. The owner of Stone’s Throw Lighthouse Bed and Breakfast insists that a tarot reading told her to hire Giulia to evict the family ghost. Since the ghost is cutting gas lines and flooding cellars, Giulia and her husband Frank head to the B&B to discover the real perpetrator.

The client also has a family legend: A highwayman who stole a pile of gold. Giulia has a pile of suspects, including a psychic the client hired to conduct weekly séances. So much for romance with Frank at this getaway.

Instead, Giulia’s juggling arson, creepy clown dolls, and the psychic going all Exorcist on her. Then the ghost tries to push the client off the lighthouse and throw Giulia down three flights of stairs. It should’ve known better than to mess with an ex-nun. Giulia has connections and she’s about to use them.

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Loweecey 2015Baker of brownies and tormenter of characters, Alice Loweecey recently celebrated her thirtieth year outside the convent. She grew up watching Hammer horror films and Scooby-Doo mysteries, which explains a whole lot. When she’s not creating trouble for Giulia Driscoll, she can be found growing her own vegetables (in summer) and cooking with them (the rest of the year).

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