A Day in the Life of Savannah Webb by Cheryl Hollon

Pane and SufferingI didn’t expect to be back home in St. Petersburg trying to sell my dad’s glass shop. I am very happy in Seattle – thank you very much – where I am studying the art of glass blowing with the finest instructors in North America. I love creating a work of beauty using a few lumps of molten glass and some basic tools. I made each of these tools myself to fit my larger than ordinary hands and my taller than ordinary height. I miss the strenuous work in front of the hot furnaces already.

Dad died of a heart attack and I’ve made the funeral arrangements just as he would have liked. A simple service at our family church followed by a graveside ceremony. The tricky part is the cold funeral supper afterwards at my childhood home. I’m no cook, but I can assemble good food especially when it comes on a platter from the local Publix.

I’ve picked up my little black dress from the dry cleaners and have picked out one of my glass jewelry creations to wear. It’s the one I made here in Webb’s Glass Shop the last time I was home over the holidays. Dad especially liked it.

On Monday, I’ll be opening Webb’s Glass Store as the official new owner. Not for long, though. My dad’s long-time assistant, Hugh Trevor, has agreed to purchase the shop and teach the workshops until the paperwork is all signed. I’ll come back later to get the family Craftsman bungalow up for sale. This is the perfect solution and I’m sure to be back to Seattle in a few days. Right?

You can read more about Savannah in Pane and Suffering, the first book in the NEW “Webb’s Glass Shop” mystery series, published by Kensington Books.

About Pane and Suffering

To solve her father’s murder and save the family-owned glass shop, Savannah Webb must shatter a killer’s carefully constructed façade. . .

After Savannah’s father dies unexpectedly of a heart attack, she drops everything to return home to St. Petersburg, Florida, to settle his affairs–including the fate of the beloved, family-owned glass shop. Savannah intends to hand over ownership to her father’s trusted assistant and fellow glass expert, Hugh Trevor, but soon discovers the master craftsman also dead of an apparent heart attack.

As if the coincidence of the two deaths wasn’t suspicious enough, Savannah discovers a note her father left for her in his shop, warning her that she is in danger. With the local police unconvinced, it’s up to Savannah to piece together the encoded clues left behind by her father. And when her father’s apprentice is accused of the murders, Savannah is more desperate than ever to crack the case before the killer seizes a window of opportunity to cut her out of the picture. . .

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jewleryGIVEAWAY: Leave a comment by 12 a.m. eastern on Tuesday, October 6 for the chance to win a signed copy of Pain and Suffering along with a pair of handcrafted glass pendant created by Cheryl and her husband George. (US entries only, please.) Good luck everyone!

Meet the author
Cheryl Hollon writes full time after she left an engineering career designing and building military CherylHollonflight simulators in amazing countries such as England, Wales, Australia, Singapore, Taiwan and India. Fulfilling the dream of a lifetime, she combines her love of writing with a passion for creating glass art. In the small glass studio behind the house, Cheryl and her husband George design, create, and produce fused glass, stained glass and painted glass artworks.

You can visit Cheryl and her books at www.cherylhollon.com, on Facebook and on Twitter

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  1. Sounds like a fun Cozy! Seems to be a rash of heart attacks. Would love to see what is going on. Thanks for the chance!

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  5. I am looking forward to reading your book. It is different and appealing. Your interest in glass and stained glass
    Is fantastic. You really changed your job but it sounds like a great chance. I love stained glass. It’s beautiful. THANK YOU

  6. I am looking forward to reading your book. It is different and appealing. Your interest in glass and stained glass
    Is fantastic. You really changed your job but it sounds like a great chance. I love stained glass. It’s beautiful. THANK YOU.. Your necklace.is wonderful and I would love to be the winner.

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  19. Barbara Hackel

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  30. Susan Alice Bickford

    Ha ha. She wants to return to Seattle. I must be projecting 🙂 Florida would be very different. 🙂

  31. I love hand-blown glass. We have a place in St. Louis where the local glass-blowers can work and sell their pieces. I have a darling dog that is a vase. I’d love to get the pendants. The book will be interesting too – a craft that hasn’t been covered in other books.

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  69. Edgar Ray Gunn Jr

    My mom’s neighbor was an art professor at VCU who specialized in blowing glass as well as using forms. The reason I mention this is Rolanda did most of her work in a garage behind her house and when a piece did not turn out right she put it in the glass trash pile to be reused later but mom would go over and rummage through the pile and retrieve the pieces. Her front steps, yard and bay window were full of Rolanda’s mistakes. I think sometimes Rolanda made mistakes on purpose just to make mom happy. Well both are gone now and both house’s are owned by others but I made sure each new owner knew about the glass blower and her friend and each has some of the mistakes to keep as reminders of two friends and their connection with each other. Mom would have loved your book. Thank you Cheryl.

  70. Thanks! Sounds like a great read!

  71. I love stained glass. When I was younger, I completed a desert scene for my kitchen window. My father found two panes in a garbage heap, cleaned them and used them as windows in his living room. My favorite? The Rose Window at Notre Dame in Paric…well, one of my favorites.

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  79. Thank you Cheryl for commenting and interacting with my readers.

    Contest is closed.

    • Thanks, Dru! I have enjoyed this site and am so grateful that you invited me here to tell your readers about my debut mystery. I hope to see you at Bouchercon and plan to vote for you to WIN!!!!