An’gel Ducote’s Plan For The Road Trip by Miranda James

Dead with the WindAn’gel Ducote set down her coffee cup and looked at her sister across the breakfast table. “I think we ought go a few days early. I’m sure Mireille and Jacqueline will need help with last-minute preparations for the wedding.”

Dickce Ducote sighed. “I just knew you were going to suggest that.” She picked up a piece of buttered toast and stared at it for a moment, then put it back on the plate. “I’ve already had three. That’s enough.” She didn’t sound happy about it, though.

“As we’ve lived together nearly eighty years, Sister,” An’gel replied with a touch of acid in her tone, “I’d be surprised if you hadn’t known. The point is, you know how much there is to do at the last minute. We’ve certainly helped out with other family weddings.”

“Mireille is a distant cousin,” Dickce pointed out. Mireille Champlain, related to the sisters on the maternal side, lived in St. Ignatiusville, Louisiana, with her daughter Jacqueline and her husband, and Jacqueline’s daughter by her first marriage, Sondra, the bride-to-be. “I forget how many times removed.”

“Removed or not,” An’gel said, “she’s still family, and Jacqueline is, after all, my god-daughter. I feel we should be there early to help.”

“I know there’s no use in my resisting,” Dickce said. “You always get your way. I just want to remind you, though, about how annoying you’ve always found Sondra.”

“She is certainly one of the most spoiled child I’ve ever known,” An’gel admitted. “Surely by now, though, she’s grown out of some of that.”

Dickce snorted. “With Mireille and Jacqueline giving in to her all the time? Don’t you bet on it.” She leaned back in her chair and crossed her arms across her chest while she regarded her sister with a speculative expression. “Tell you what, I’ll agree to go a couple of days early, but we have to take Benjy, Peanut, and Endora with us.”

“Take the dog and the cat to the wedding? Seriously? I don’t think so.” An’gel echoed her sister’s snort. “Besides, I’m sure Benjy would rather stay here and look after them, rather than go to a family occasion with people he doesn’t know.”

“I think you’re wrong. Benjy would enjoy a trip like that,” Dickce said. “Anyway, Peanut and Endora will pine away for us if we leave them behind.”

An’gel knew her sister could be every bit as stubborn as she herself was. “Very well,” she said. “They can go. Benjy will probably be bored stiff, but it’s your doing.”

When the sisters travel to Louisiana with their ward, Benjy, Peanut the labradoodle, and Endora the Abyssinian, the family wedding turns out to be anything but boring. You can read all about it in Dead with the Wind, the second book in the “Southern Ladies” mystery series, published by Berkley Prime Crime. The first book in the series is Bless Her Dead Little Heart.

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About the author
Miranda James is the New York Times-bestselling author the Southern Ladies and the Cat in the Stacks mystery series. A librarian at the University of Mississippi Medical Center, Miranda lives in the Jackson, Mississippi area with two cats and thousands of books.  Visit Miranda at southernladies


  1. I love Miranda James’s books. This series features a couple of sweet, spunky southern ladies and their adventures. Can’t wait to read this newest edition. Always such a fun and funny read from this author, whichever series you get absorbed by.

  2. How could I not afire this book? I’m living in rural MS, working in a library, & visiting my sister in LA! I don’t bring my pets as SH e’s got cats & dogs aplenty although her 3 children always bring their dogs when they visit. I’ve added Dead to the Wind to my TBR list & added it to my Amazon wish list. Thanks for the chance in the giveaway. I’ll definitely read & review this book given the chance.

  3. Dead With The Wind sounds like a great cozy book that I will enjoy reading. I haven’t read very many books featuring a wedding so I am looking forward to this one. Thank you for the giveaway.

  4. I love the Ducote sisters and can’t wait to check out Dead With the Wind. Thanks for the giveaway.

  5. Have the first book and rearing to read it. Love to have the second to follow up right after. Thank you for the chance.

  6. Thank you for introducing me to Miranda James … Dead With The Wind sounds like a great cozy!

  7. This sounds like a fun book and a good addition to a fun series. Thank you for the chance to win

  8. Oh my goodness….please, please, please pick me….pick me pick me…pick me…lol…..I absolutely love, love, love and adore all of the awesome books that the truly awesome Miranda James writes!!!! I am such a huge, huge, huge fan of those awesome books!!!! I am so super duper excited to read this newest book and just know already that it be as super duper awesome and exciting as all the others that Miranda has written. They are so much fun to read and keep me turning the pages until before I know it….I am finished already and awaiting anxiously for the next awesome book!!!! Thank you so very much dearest Dru and Miranda for the chance to win this new book!!!! The cover is positively super awesome as well….I love, love, love cozy mysteries with the adorable dogs and kitties in them!!!! God bless you!!!!!

  9. I love southern mysteries, and can’t wait to read this book! Thanks for the chance to win a copy.

  10. I love both of Miranda James’ series and have been waiting for this to come out. Thanks for the chance to win.

  11. Any new book by Miranda is a cause for excitement and this one certainly sounds like it will live up to the high standards Miranda has already set for herself! Her books are fun and charming and give me hope that I can live to a ripe old age and become as feisty as the two sisters! Thanks Dru for featuring this newest book. Thanks to both of you for the opportunity to win a copy!:) Exciting!

  12. Miranda James writes some very interesting people. I really enjoyed the first book in the series

  13. This sounds like fun, and I’d love to see the pets at the wedding! What a blast, especially with bride. I have not started this series yet but I love Diesel & Charlie, and am looking forward to this series, also! thank you for the chance to win!

  14. You are such a talented and amazing author. I can’t wait to
    Read this book! I love the fact that when I am reading one of your books that I feel like I am included in the story. Such a sweet escape from everyday life! Continue to use your talented because you are gifted and so many people love you and your stories!

  15. I have just started reading the first book in this series “Bless Her Dead Little Heart” that I bought at our local “used book store” . It is delightful and am glad to hear there is a sequel or series with these two ladies. I would love to the chance to will a copy. Thanks.

  16. This sounds like an interesting read. I know about weddings in Louisiana because i am originally from there. The weddings can be something and the food is great and drinks flow. Most people attend weddings for the food and drinks and to gossip.

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