A Talent For MurderA typical day in my life . . . there’s no such thing. Not with the trouble-magnet in my life known as my mother. But maybe I should backup and introduce myself. My name is Kate Spencer. My mother Happy and I co-own the Flower Patch, a small gardening center along the Mississippi Gulf Coast. While we don’t make a fortune selling plants, we do well enough to keep us in the two-story house next door.

Now I know what you’re thinking. A thirty-five year old woman still living at home–What a loser! But if you’d ever tasted my mother’s fried chicken, or had the pleasure of devouring one of her gooey chocolate brownies, you’d understand my reluctance to move out.

Though as much as I love my mother’s cooking, I could do without some of her bossiness. When she makes up her mind to do something, you’d better get out of her way or she’ll mow right over you. And when she’s riled, watch out for the banty rooster. She’s been known to bring grown men to their knees.

Then there’s my doting aunt Lula Mae who, with no children of her own, is nothing like her sister. She’s tall, big-boned, generous to a fault, and recently widowed. Lately, she’s been seeing the new man in town.

At least, she’s doing better than me in the boyfriend department. The last guy I dated took me out to dinner, then tried to sell me life insurance.

The latest trouble started when we offered a free gardening class to our clients. Everything was humming along fine until my aunt showed up with her new man. Her arch enemy, who also happened to be present and seeing the same man, flew into a into rage that ended with a bucket of ice and a pitcher of tea colliding with bodies.

The next evening, the woman got herself murdered and the charming snaked disappeared under a rock. To further complicate my life, the cop assigned to the case is an ex-boyfriend of mine, and he thinks we should get back together. Heaven help us!

Of course, being a lawman, he also “strongly suggested” we keep away from his investigation. But when every clue leads back to Lula Mae, Happy and I have no choice but to get involved. How he can think the woman who once marched into our tenth grade biology class carrying a “save the frogs” sign murdered anyone is beyond me.

Find out more about Kate’s wild ride in A Talent for Murder, the first book in the NEW “Flower Patch” mystery series, published by Five Star/Cengage.

About A Talent for Murder

When Kate Spencer learns her aunt’s fiancé is two-timing her with an old rival, she has no choice but to pass along the information to her mother. They are as shocked as the rest of the town when the rival turns up dead and the two-timing fiancé disappears.

Making matters worse, the lead investigator happens to be Kate’s old boyfriend. If her aunt has any hope of being cleared, the trio must conduct their own investigation. Even if they have to alienate a few friends and tell a few lies to discover the truth.

Barbara Colley (author of the Squeaky Clean mystery series) says, “A TALENT FOR MURDER gives a whole new meaning to the term small-town busy bodies. Fun and a bit quirky, this terrific cozy mystery by Teresa LaRue is full of memorable characters and enough suspects to keep you guessing until the end. A wonderful debut!

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Meet the author
Teresa LaRue grew up in a small town along the Mississippi Gulf Coast. She fell in love with the mystery genre in the fourth grade. She’s an avid reader, gardener, and movie buff. She now lives on the outskirts of New Orleans with her family, which includes a dog named Bones and a cat named Chloe.

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