HiddenHidden by Karen E. Olson is the first book in a suspense thriller with Nicole Jones. Publisher: Severn House, November 2015

Nicole Jones – if that is her real name – lives off the grid. She doesn’t have a license, passport or bank account. She definitely doesn’t own a computer. She hasn’t left her refuge, Block Island, in fifteen years. She’s hidden from the world and she likes it that way. Nicole doesn’t use a computer, not because she’s afraid of it, but because she’s afraid of what she – a badass hacker in her past life – would do with it.

When the last person Nicole wants to see suddenly reappears, using a name he knows will draw her out, Nicole realizes that her time hidden is now ending. Her past secrets tumbling into the open and her carefully-constructed new life set to fall apart, Nicole must re-hone her long-suppressed computer skills in order to escape from an island that is no longer a haven, but suddenly a prison.

This fast-paced, action packed and riveting drama kept me in suspense from beginning to end, quickly becoming a page turner. The author presented this tale in a way that put me smack dab in the middle of all the action that had my adrenaline pumping as I had to know what happens next. In a twisty sought of way, the narrative became my haven as I watch from afar as the characters’ role played out in this engrossing tale of a past life infringing on the present. I enjoyed this book which is a new direction by the author and I applaud what she has accomplished in the telling of this grippingly engaging story.

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