My Musing ~ Five Spot by Cindy Blackburn

Five SpotFive Spot by Cindy Blackburn is the fifth book in the “Cue Ball” humorously romantic mystery series. Publisher: Cindy Blackburn, November 2015

At long last! Jessie Hewitt is about to take her rightful spot in the Hall of Fame. No, not the one for pool sharks. This is the Romance Writers Hall of Fame. Jessie’s so excited she’s even convinced über-hunky cop Wilson Rye to tag along for the induction festivities. But things don’t go exactly as planned. How could a conference called Happily Ever After take such a wrong turn? Take a guess.

I love, love, love this fast-paced, action-packed and engagingly entertaining tale that pulled me in immediately and quickly became a page-turner because I did not want to put this down. Oh the hilarity that ensues causing me to laugh out loud while reading the antics and shenanigans of this quirky cast of characters with the ever wonderful Geeze Louise who brightens up every scene that she steals. As always I love the crime solving duo of Jessie and Wilson with the delightful appearance of Jessie’s mom, Tessie. The author did a great job in laying out the plot and mystery that kept me going in all kinds of direction with a surprising twist when the killer’s identity was reveal, that I did not see coming. Great job. I can’t wait for the next book in this, as Geeze Louise says, fantastical, fantastical, fantastical series.

7 responses to “My Musing ~ Five Spot by Cindy Blackburn

  1. I love this series also, and can’t wait to read this new one.

  2. Nancy Roessner

    This sounds like a really fun read!

  3. Sounds like a fun read.

  4. Peggy Hyndman

    I love this series …I have Five Spot but haven’t had a chance to read it yet.

  5. Sounds like a great read and a good mystery, my kind of book

  6. This is such a fun series–one of my favorites. This one is on top of my TBR pile. Can’t wait to get to it.

  7. Thanks, everyone, for your interest. Hope y’all enjoy Five Spot! And thanks especially to Dru Ann for keeping us all posted on cozy mysteries!