Sweetheart DealSweetheart Deal by Linda Joffe Hull is the third book in the “Mrs. Frugalicious Shopping” mystery series. Publisher: Midnight Ink, November 2015

Now the star of her own reality show, The Family Frugalicious, Maddie Michaels heads south of the border with her family to cover bargain destination weddings at a swank, but budget friendly, Mexican resort. Things get a little too real when timeshare sales manager Alejandro Espinoza makes a play for Maddie one evening and ends up floating dead in the pool the next. Was it an accident or a preplanned part of the Mrs. Frugalicious storyline?

When the show’s producers extend the trip so she, her all-but-ex Frank, and the kids can investigate—not to mention get enough footage for a two-part, Emmy-worthy episode—Maddie fears she’s in way more agua caliente than she ever bargained for.

I like it. This was such a fun book to read where a reality show, timeshares, frugality tips and murder seems to collide and who is in the center of it all. . .well, Mrs Frugalicious herself when it is deemed that she and her family should try to investigate this murder as an amateur sleuth. And in doing so, we are taken on a fast-paced, action-filled drama with a variety of shenanigans perpetrated by those with something to hide that made this an entertaining read. The author did a great job in providing a slew of suspects and clues that took me in so many directions, all to the enjoyment of following along with Maddie and her family. Boasting a fun cast of characters, a nice setting location and engaging dialogue, this was a good read and I hope there are more exciting adventures with Maddie and her family.

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