A Day in the Life of Charlie Chambers by Sally Goldenbaum

Trimmed With MurderIt was a day I won’t forget–ever.

I was driving along 128 toward Sea Harbor, thinking about my sister, and wondering if I was crazy. Rain had picked up and so had an icy wind. A great day for Eskimos. Not such a great day for Charlie.

Izzy was always the favorite in our family, at least that’s how my older brother Jack and I saw it. Maybe it’s because she didn’t screw up as often as we did. And then she went off to Harvard, which puffed my dad up until there wasn’t much air for anyone else in the room.

rainI thought of Izzy a lot while I was wandering around trying to find my soul. I wondered how her adult life had turned out. Better, for sure, than mine. Though I thought I was finally on the right track.

I guessed I’d find out soon, if she even remembered she had a younger brother, or at least one she’d want to see. I figured it was one of the worst ideas I’ve had in my thirty plus years, driving along a godforsaken road in terrible weather, showing up in a town I’ve never seen before. Unexpected. And with a good chance of being thrown out.

I almost turned back once or twice a ways back. Almost. But didn’t, and soon the exits stopped, the wind picked up and I was fighting like crazy to keep the car on the road. On all sides, trees were bending in the wind, their barren branches reaching out to grab me.

And that’s when it happened. At first I thought it was a tree moving out from the side of the road. But trees don’t have legs and this thing did. Skinny ones moving fast. And so was my car.

I slammed my foot on the pedal, the car vibrating like crazy. And all I could think of was that it was happening again. But it couldn’t be happening. . .not again. . .not now. Not today.

It was definitely a day I’ll never forget—a day that changed that changed my life forever.

You can read more about Charlie in Trimmed With Murder, the 10th book in the “Seaside Knitters” mystery series, published by Obsidian. The first book in the series is Death by Cashmere.

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About the author
Sally Goldenbaum is the USA best-selling author of the Seaside Knitters Mystery series. Although she lives in landlocked Kansas, she spends as much time as possible on Cape Ann, MA, a very real and beautiful place that is also home to the fictional Sea Harbor, the seaside knitters, and their many friends. Murder at Lambswool Farm, #11, will be released May, 2016.

Visit Sally at www.sallygoldenbaum.com

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