Killer Transaction“This is Cindy, how may I assist you?”

Oh, my apologies. I forgot where I was for a second. My mind is constantly in sales pitch mode these days. You see, the real estate market hasn’t been kind to me as of late. It’s really difficult trying to make a living when your co-worker keeps stealing your listings!

Yes, you heard me right. I was all set to have Mrs. Hunter sign on the dotted line this morning. That sweet, elderly woman is so forgetful, she doesn’t remember my name half the time. But I worked very hard for her as I do all my clients. In the past week alone, I’ve brought salmon for her enormous, temperamental cat while my husband Greg fixed her leaky toilet—which, by the way, is where my career is headed—all because Tiffany Roberts beat me to the punch. Again.

Tiffany is almost twenty years my junior. She’s gorgeous and one of the top agents in the entire state. She’s also deceitful, dishonest and despicable. Should I go on?

I know it may sound like I’m jealous of Tiffany, but not in the manner you might think. I’ve just had enough of her contemptible ways. I’m madly in love with my husband Greg and we have three terrific kids. Darcy’s fifteen and, like most teenagers, a bit self-centered at times. Stevie and Seth are our eight-year-old twins. They’re good boys, except when they’re trying to set the house on fire.

My best friend, Jacques, is a co-worker and complete genius when it comes to the real estate market. He’s second in sales only to Tiffany, but at least he comes by them honestly. Jacques has also been very instrumental in guiding my career at Hospitable Homes the past three years, which is a good thing, because our manager would just as soon that I didn’t have one. She’s looking for any excuse to fire me. Oh, and did I mention that Tiffany is her pet?

When I found out Tiffany had stolen the Hunter listing out from under me—well, I kind of snapped. I mean, not really snapped, but she did push a few buttons. You see, I can tolerate many things, such as the puppy peeing on the carpet, the twins flooding the bathroom, or sometimes even my mother-in-law!

No way will Tiffany get the best of me again. Greg was so proud when I told him. I arranged to meet her at the office tonight after I fed my family dinner. We had steak, by the way. It was kind of tough. (Why can’t you buy good steak anymore?)

I’m not greedy, but we do need the money. Hopefully Greg’s raise comes through soon. Darcy wants a new dress for the spring dance and the twins are outgrowing their clothes at an alarming rate. Plus, the puppy really needs to be neutered.

Okay, deep breath here. I’ve had enough. Tiffany will not treat me like a doormat. I will not settle for less than 70% of the transaction. I will not haul off and smack her. Well, maybe. Did I also forget to mention that I threatened her earlier on the phone? Yes, you heard it here first. I told her to give me back the listing—unless she wanted to die young.

She was waiting for me at the office that night. Alone. And—you guessed it—she was dead.

Now what am I going to do??

You can learn more about Cindy in Killer Transaction, the first book in the NEW “Cindy York” Mysteries, available now from Gemma Halliday Publishing.

About Killer Transaction

Real estate deals can be murder.

All struggling real estate agent Cindy York wants is the home listing that was promised to her. But her deceitful co-worker, Tiffany Roberts, has other ideas, and she always manages to get what she wants. Tired of being manipulated, Cindy tells her to back off—or else! But when Cindy stumbles upon Tiffany’s lifeless body, she suddenly finds herself front and center in a deadly investigation. Now everyone from her kids’ classmates to her monstrous mother-in-law is sold on the idea that Cindy’s guilty. Determined to find out who’s trying to frame her, Cindy enlists the help of her best buddy, Jacques, to negotiate a slew of suspects, a host of clues, and an office full of cutthroat agents…before the next contract is out on her!

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Catherine is the #1 best-selling cozy mystery author of Tastes Like Murder. She lives in a male dominated household that consists of her very patient husband, three sons, and assorted cats and dogs. Catherine holds a B.A. and dual major in English/Performing Arts and is a former newspaper reporter and press release writer. She writes both the “Cookies & Chance” and the “Cindy York” mysteries. Her next release, Baked to Death, is scheduled for January 2016.

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